Many musical styles flourished and combined in the 1940's and 1950's, most likely because of the influence of radio had in creating a mass market for music. World War II caused great social upheaval, and the music of this period shows the effects of that upheaval.

40's Fads   
There were many types of fads in the '40s, like dances. One of the most popular dances was the Jitterbug, a dance which consisted of swift, complex movements and flips. Records were nice amenities, also. They varied in many types, and most people had large collections of every type and genre of record music. Any fads that were not easily accessible by manufacturers and/or consumers were subsisted from other places. If a certain item was too expensive to ship, then the manufacturers would have purchased a similar, less expensive type of the same type of that specific item. Flight technology was an instant success in the early 40s.

Frank Whittle built the first jet engine, which was successfully engineered in 1941. Igor Sikorsky invented the very first manual modern helicopter, which is still used today, William Shockley designed and created the first transistors in the mid-'40s, a necessity still used today for radios and other electronic equipment. The first computer was invented, also, in the 1940s, though it was only used in military facilities and bases, because it took so long and so much labor to build joust one, not to mention the fact that they were extremely large in size.

Pea Shooters
During this period there appeared one of the greatest toys that a boy could ever have asked for. Not only was it fun, but it irritated adults to no end. The "pea shooter" was a plastic tube about an eighth of an inch in diameter and about nine inches long. The ones I remember were opaque and of a bluish green color. They were perfect for use as a blowgun with dried peas.

Kilroy Was Here
During World War II "Kilroy was here!" start showing up where ever American soldiers had been. Eventually it became a great American symbol. Though no one really knows who Kilroy is or was. After a while a cartoon character was paired with the saying.

Betty Boop
Betty Boop, the most famous cartoon from the 1940's and was the first female animation star. She had started out as a poodle in a Fleischer Studios animation series, but she slowly became a human. She eventually got her own series of animated shorts and Sunday paper comics that matched the popularity of even Mickey Mouse. She inspired Marilyn Monroe and her bubbly personality became a favorite of thousands of Americans. Betty Boop is still popular today.

A toy that children played with by placing on stairs and watching it slowly climb down. When he was 26, Richard James of Philadelphia invented the Slinky. It consists of 87 feet of flat wire coiled into 3-inch-diameter circles and stands about 2 inches high when stacked. The Slinky's ability to "walk" down stairs and open and close like an accordion made it a favorite toy, and it is still popular today.
  1. Mairzy Doats- Merry Macs
  2. Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief- Betty Hutton
  3. Across the alley from the Alamo- Mills Brothers
  4. Doin' what comes natuarally - Dinah Shore
  5. Woody Woodpecker song - Mel Blanc
  6. Managua Nicaragua- Freddy Martin
  7. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth- Spike Jones
  8. I'm a lonely little Petunia -Two Ton Baker
  9. My own grandpa- Guy Lombardo
  10. A feudin' and a-fightin'- Dorothy Shay
  11. Managua, Nicragua  - Peggy Lee
  12. Three little fishies- Kay Keyser
  13. Cement Mixer (Put ti , Put-ti) - Alvino Rey
  14. Chickery Chick- Sammy Kaye
  15. Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy- Red Foley
  16. The Thing- Phil Harris
  17. Rag Mop- Mills Brothers
  18. Ragtime Cowboy Joe- Jo Stafford
  19. The Hut-Sut song- Freddy Martin
  20. Huggin' and Chalkin'- Hoagy Carmichael
  21. A your adorable- Perry Como
  22. Mule Train- Frankie Lane
  23. Daddy- Sammy Kaye
  24. 12th street rag- Pee Wee Hunt
  25. Beer Barrel Polka - Will Glahe
  26. Personality- Johnny Mercer
  27. Crusin' down the river- Russ Morgan
  28. I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover - Art Mooney
  29. Lovely bunch of coconuts- Freddy Martin
  30. Aba Dabba Honeymoon- Debbie Reynolds
  31. To fat polka- Arthur Godrey
  32. My two front teeth- Spike Jones
  33. Bell Bottom trousers- Jerry Colona
  34. If I knew you were comin' I'd baked a cake- Eileen Barton
  35. Pistol packin' moma- Bing Crosby
  36. A little bird told me so- Evelyn Knight
  37. Cocktails for two - Spike Jones
  38. I never see Maggie alone- Kenny Roberts
40s Early 50s Music Montage