Bill Bates "Old Time Tunes" Theme Song
Willl Glahe Musette Orch.

Bill Bates hosted  a regular program on KTRB each weekday morning called "Old Time Tunes" in which he chatted with his listeners, interspersing comments with information about his personal health, the weather including "ham" radio reports from the Western States and about outstanding events in the news. He carried on his distinctive brand of informal conversation so utterly different from the conventional pattern followed by radio reporters of the time.   The program's theme song was the Beer Barrel Polka played by Will Glahe and his Musette Orchestra.

The Beer Barrel Polka was written by Jaromir Vejvoda for his father's brass band somewhere near Prague in the early 1930s. The original title was Skoda Lasky. It became very popular in Europe and was recorded in Germany under the name Rosamunde. In Sweden it's known as Uti Naturen.

It came to America in the mid-30s when Will Glahe, an American bandleader, traveled to Germany looking for new material to record. He brought the song back with him. Around the same time the Andrews Sisters were looking for another hit to record after Bei Mir Bist Du Schon and they were referred to Glahe's recent recording which had been released by RCA Records. They recorded the song for Decca Records and it became a huge hit in 1939.

Other recordings of the catchy selection were made by Lawrence Welk and several other groups. Since that time all polka bands have picked up the Beer Barrel Polka and play it as their universally common song.