First Non Commercial Radio Stations In Modesto
By George Stevans

There were two non-commercial (entertainment) broadcast stations in Modesto in 1922, both which apparently operated for about six or seven months and ceased operations,  KOQ, owned by the  Modesto Evening News and KXD, owned Herald Publishing Company of Modesto. Both operated on 833 kilocycles as Class E stations (Entertainment stations) and were required to share the frequency.

There were three frequencies available in early 1922 and they were 619 Kc's (weather and crop reports only), 833 Kc's (Entertainment stations) and a few stations on 1363 kHz. Later, there was "frequency jumping", forcing the Department of Commerce to issue further discrete frequencies, still leaving a number of stations on 833 Kc's.

The two Modesto stations did not show up on any further Department of Commerce Official Lists through 1928, or the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) which came into being in 1928 but did not actually begin its operation until 1929.