1960 -Rick Jerome
1960 Ron Underwood announcing the Telethon dance.
KMJC (KRJC) A.M. transmitter, built by Cecil Lynch for the college.

Modesto Jr. College's KRJC On The Air In 1955
1954 -Nevin Clark,  Larry Reed and George Pinckney.
(MJC Yearbook 1951) -Top L-R  Bill Leach, station manager.  John Matthews, Engineer.  George Everett, Sports Director and Leon Jackson, Recording Director Bottom L-R-  Jackie Wilhite, Education Director.  Daved Headley,Program Director, Don Todd, Music Director and Jack Brooks, Engineering Director.
In 1951 KRJC hooked up with KTRB-FM and  sent shows out over the  airwaves on Mondays through Thursdays until the final weeks of school.
1950- Bill Clark,  Janice Brock, Joy Hazlet
1960 -Row one (l-r)  Steve Collins, Ray Narbaitz, Gail Nystrom, Ron Underwood, Dr. McClarty  Row 2   (l-r)     Norm Gardener, Dave Payne, Dave Johnson, Jim Bethlefson, Shari Atthey, Rhonnie Holanda.  Row 2  (l-r)   Rick Adams, Dick Weaver, Stan Johnson, Rick Jerome , Eldon Day, John Gamble, Yogi Youngquist, Elaine Bevier, Linda Becker and Kathy Frawley.
Ellen  Thomas,  Instructor 1946
1950 -   ?  Parkhurst
1950-  (Sitting) L-R Grant Clover, Bill Delmar, Bill Endicott, Milton Hibdon, Rusty Simmons, Dr. Henry Tyler.  (Standing)  Cecil Lynch, George Everett, Leroy Ferrell and Jack Brooks, Gene Stevens at the mike.
1950- (Sitting) L-R  George Everett,  Bill Euwer, Bill Clark, George Barker and Tom Siegman.  (Standing) Ruth Kelsey and bob Litke.
1944 KMJC radio workshop members produced weekly programs from MJC on KTRB.  L-R  Kathryn Bates, Elaine Edwards, Fred Beyer,  Ophelia Bynum, Vicky Gagos and Monica Howland.
1951- Top- L-R  Bill Leach, Station Manager.   John Matthews, Engineer.   George Everett, Sports Director.   Leon Jackson, Recording Director.  Bottom L-R  Jackie Wilhite, Education Director.  Dave Headley, Program Director.  Don Todd, Music Director and Jack Brooks, Engineering Director.
1955 -Director Ed. McClarty, Shirley Brazil, Charles Head and Bill Smith.

1946 MJC Radio Class- Back Row Anthony Bachman, Yvonne Azevedo, Virginia Ledbetter, Bailus Ziegler, Hope Harris, Winnie Pearson, Marlin Ripley and Bob Stonum. Front row- Thomas Seigman, Cy Green, Juen Sherr, Kathleen Kennedy and Russell Olsen.
1946  Bob Stonum, Russell Olson and Virginia Ledbetter.
1945 Standing Mary Yeram, Vivian Mouradian, Doris Newby, Evelyn Cross, Jayne Alles, Tony Backmann, Eilen Wiltse Thomas, Advisor.  Seated -Bob McConnell, Marian Nissen.
1950- Jack Brock and Dr. McClarty

Wes Page at KRJC, Modesto Jr. College.
Audio control board for TV station at Modesto Jr. College in the '60s.
( The color photos above were sent to us by Irvin Fergson of Coolidge, AZ.   Thank You)

I took Mr. Max Sayres Radio Broadcasting class in 77/78. I just recently learned that KRJC (as I knew it), is no longer. Saddened I was to hear that. I am happy that I was able to view the video of Mr. Sayre recalling life at Modesto Junior College.  I worked in electronics  industry from 79 to 2001. Also I am a musician and have put many of Max's teaching to full use. Still to this day.  I am a graduate of MJC.    I took these pictures of another DJ who was blind and did a great job in 1977.

Irv Ferguson
POB 243
Coolidge,Az 85128
By, Irv Ferguson
Coolidge, Arizona

My days at KRJC were filled with a combination of hard work and fun. But I really never considered it work because I enjoyed it so much, especially the radio broadcasting classes taught by Max Sayre. 

The first time I sat in Max's class I was in awe of all the equipment and professionalism there. Max had a wealth of knowledge and he taught us well. One such example was an exercise in tape editing. We were to make a copy of one of the public service announcement usually taken off of a 45 rpm record or sometimes from an endless loop eight track tape. When we had accomplished that, we were to make that announcer say what we wanted him to say, given the use of a certain words he used, by editing the tape and physically splicing the individual words or group of words and putting it back together. I forgot what I made mine say, but I can guess he may have got a chuckle out of some of them. Max showed us how to use the newsroom, editing room, and of course the radio room. What I remember most is the old teletype machine just typing away the news of the day. I use to stop in the mornings and watch the news stories coming across the wire.

Max told us about the history and beginning of radio. From Marconi all the way up to the present. It was all very interesting and I could listen to that all day. His class's were no nonsense but also very down to earth and he made you feel like you were a part of the story.

Max taught us how to follow the radio log as we went along.  I remember my first time in front of the microphone, it actually felt natural because Max taught us so well. But, the nerves were there just the same. He taught us how to use a microphone to do voice exercises and strengthen the voice.

I remember at the time calling KTRB and spoke to a Mr. Fox about employment. He told me since I was in Max's class when I graduated to come see him and I had a job.  As it turned out after graduation I ended up moving to Coolidge, Arizona where I got into the electronics end of the business. Things I learned from Max, including editing technics, voice exercise's and typing,  also helped me with my musical interests. I have used it all in my life. I can't thank Max enough

Before he died, I was able to write to him letting him know how I ended up later in life and I thanked him for all his help. Today I write and copyright songs, make and edit videos. I'm not rich by no means, but Max gave me riches that I will hold in my heart for a life time.

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NOTICE:  The MJC radio broadcasting teaching program was shut down in 2012. The MJC class that supported the station was eliminated in budget cuts at Modesto Junior College effective 2012.
Audio control board for TV station at Modesto Jr. College in the '60s
1951-  Dr. Edward L. McClarty Faculty Director of Station KRJC
1954- Bernadine Williams, Gene Biddle, Larry Reed and Nevin Clark.
1945 - Bob McConnell, Tony Backmann, Mary Yeram and Evelyn Cross prepare for broadcasts on KTRB
1955 - Standing (L-R)  Bob Strong, Roy Fesler, Don Smith, Sam Hartsfield, Skip Mohatt, Ken Garry, and Bill Crawley.  SEATED (L-R) Lyle Jones, Nevin Clark and Gay Boitel.
1954 -Lyle Jones
1950- Jack Brooks and Gene Stevens