1. KTRB Demolition
  2. KTRB History and owner Bill Bates
  3. KTRB Hammond State Hospital in the 1940s
  4. KTRB  The Early Years video
  5. KTRB erects towers on Norwegian Ave. 1942
  6. KTRB 1990 firing a hoax.
  7. KTRB Photo Gallery of the Bill Bates years 1933-1969
  8. KTRB Bill Bates family photos (Maxine and the family)
  9. KTRB  Leonard  Anderson "Cousin Andy" announcer voice clip
  10. KTRB Afghans delivered to Oak Knoll Hospital in Oakland
  11. KTRB-TV granted a construction permit by the FCC.
  12. KTRB ham radio weather net (bottom of the page)
  13. KTRB 16 mm video of Norwegian Ave. Studios
  14. KTRB founder Bill Bates dies
  15. KTRB  Cal Purviance announces death of Bill Bates
  16. KTRB Owner Mike Pappas Dies at 52
  17. KTRB Owner  Pete Pappas Dies at 48
  18. KTRB switches to all news format
  19. KTRB's Radio Labio supporters protest demise
  20. KTRB Modesto's FCC Broadcast License issued in 1971
  21. KTRB 1942 Sales Promotion 
  22. KTRB  Mistlen, Buick and Honda Modesto commercial
  23. KTRB Bill Bates first ham radio license issued in 1916.
  24. KTRB The beginning on McHenry Ave in 1933
  25. KTRB broadcasts noted from Hammond General Hospital 1943-1945.
  26. KTRB New home on Norwegian Ave. 1942
  27. KTRB Suits Disclose Dispute Between Radio Operators
  28. KTRB ham radio weather reports.
  29. KTRB Misc Photos
  1. KTRB  Bill Bates on the air in 1967
  2. KTRB  Bill Bates theme song Beer Barrel Polka
  3. KTRB  Bill Bates home photo
  4. KTRB  Bill Bates cabin at Dardanelles
  5. KTRB  Bill Bates and KTRB the story of by Cal Purviance
  6. KTRB  Bill Bates , A radioman's legacy tribute
  7. KTRB  Bill Bates Family photos
  8. KTRB  Bill Bates, Erle Stanley Gardner's favorite radio personality
  9. KTRB aerial photos in the 60's
  10. KTRB Disc Hits and Tidbits with Charles McKewn
  11. KTRB Cal Purviance Stepping Stones article
  12. KTRB  Stepping Stones Magazine story on KTRB & the museum
  13. KTRB Valley Views magazine article on KTRB and the museum
  14. KTRB Tots and Teens Program
  15. KTRB  hosts NAB luncheon in 1942
  16. KTRB mobile units
  17. KTRB  80's- 90's personalities on air promos
  18. KTRB Modesto News Director Carol Benson air check 1980's
  19. KTRB Tidbits
  20. KTRB-FM
  21. KTRB news stories and ads from the past
  22. KTRB commitment to the community
  1. KTRB 50th anniversary
  2. KTRB letters
  3. KTRB/KMPH renovation
  4. KTRB The Friendly Voice
  5. KTRB video interview with Bob Lang
  6. KTRB San Francisco
  7. KTRB the Pappas years 1973-2006
  8. KTRB the Pappas years promotional items.
  9. KTRB's newsman Tim St. Martin interview.
  10. KTRB newsman Tim St. Martin interviews Mickey Mantle
  11. KTRB 1949 Rate Card
  12. KTRB 1948  Program and commercial log
  13. KTRB Photos from 1948 to 1955 (Lee Roddy Library)
  14. KTRB Milt Hibdon program director in late 40's and early 50's voice clip.
  15. KTRB Milt Hibdon, Mr. Personality tribute.
  16. KTRB Country Stars Appear on Chester Smith show.
  17. KTRB Old Timers Party 1980
  18. KTRB Photo Galleries
  19. KTRB Mobile Unit_____________________________Top
  20. KTRB Chester Smith the life and death
  21. KTRB plans moves to San Francisco
  22. KTRB Gene D'Accardo returns to valley
  23. KTRB Gene D'Accardo Obituary in SF Chronicle
  24. KTRB Swanee Cowboys
  25. KTRB Arkie's Hillbillies
  26. KTRB Maddox Brothers and Rose
  27. KTRB Air checks and others
  28. KTRB Cal Purviance video interview at KTRB 2004
  29. KTRB Cal Purviance takes over Old Times Tunes program with this theme.
  30. KTRB  Cecil Lynch video interview at KTRB 2004
  31. KTRB  Country video promotion in 1986
  32. KTRB Videos and others
  33. KTRB Our first radio
  34. KTRB 47 Years Old
  35. KTRB  President Reagan Telegram
  36. KTRB Modesto Miscellaneous Photo Gallery
  1. KTRB Modesto's final broadcast June 18, 2006
  2. KTRB Modesto's Brent Ockens air check.
  3. KTRB Modesto's Shower of Silver program with Jack Snyder air check
  4. KTRB Modesto's Virg's Varieties them song "Get out those old records"
  5. KTRB Modesto Virgil Risley dies in Oregon
  6. KTRB listeners get an earful (ratings hoax)  J.W. Ford & Fred Hunter
  7. KTRB 16 mm film taken in 1966
  8. KTRB Jan London air-personality
  9. KTRB San Francisco taken over by the bank
  10. KTRB's Cal Purviance dies
  11. KTRB's Norwegian towers torn down
  12. KTRB's FM antenna installed
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