Around 1959, Frank Flynn, owner of KYOS in Merced sold the original studio building on G Street Grade in Merced to a local church group.  He moved the offices and studios to the Stephanie Clothier building in downtown Merced where these shots of the studios were taken in 1959 showing announcer Gary Avey at the controls.  (Photos courtesy of Gary Avey, Chico, CA.)
Photo of the entertainers on the Voice of the Valley Portuguese radio show directed by Joe Victorino. Photo believed taken in 1934.

(Courtesy of Richard Ryder, Turlock, CA)
Merced's Pioneer Radio Station KYOS
(Left) Unknown operator in the studios of KYOS on G St just NE of downtown Merced believed to be around 40's . (Center)- Aerial shot of G St. studios and self supporting tower behind the studios. (Far right)  KYOS studios on G St. grade in Merced believe taken in 40's or early 50's   (Photos courtesy of Steve Pacheco)
McClung Seeking Control of Three Stations

Control of all three of the Mc-Peter McClung, Clung stations in California would be vested in General Manager Hugh McClung and his wife, Mickey, under terms of sales contracts reported by the FCC last Wednesday. An application was filed seeking Commission consent to the transfer of one-third interest in KYOS Merced from the estate of his brother, the late Ray McClung, to Hugh McClung for $51,000, conditioned upon FCC's approving the sale of one-sixth of KHSL Chico and KVCV Redding to Mrs. Mickey McClung for another $51,000.

Seller in both instances is Mrs. Marjory McClung, widow of Ray and executrix of his estate. Ray McClung died in 1939. Hugh McClung now owns onethird and is president as well as general manager of KYOS. Since he would gain control by purchase of his late brother's interest, this proposed sale is being advertised for competitive bids under the FCC's Avco plan.

He and his wife together control Golden Empire Broadcasting Co., licensee of KHSL and KVCV, he owning approximately 41% and his wife 25%. With her purchase of Ray Mc- Clung-'s one-sixth interest, Mrs. Mickey McClung's holdings would match her husband's 41%-plus. The remaining interests in all three stations—one-third of KYOS and one-sixth of KHSL and KVCV —are owned by father of Hugh. The McClung family formerly were associated in the publishing business and owned stock in KWLK Longview, Wash, and KMYC Marysville, Calif. KYOS operates on 1490 kc with 250 w fulltime. KHSL operates with 1 kw on 1290 kc while KVCV is assigned 1230 kc with 250 w, both fulltime. Details of the proposed KHSL/ KVCV sale were incorporated in the KYOS application, since controlling interest is not involved.

Newspaper Holdings Sold by McClungs
Who Retain Interests in Four Stations

Several more stations have been automatically eliminated from the so called "newspaper ownership" list by reason of the sale last week of the Merced (Cal.) Sun-Star by the McClung family, which holds interests in four broadcasting stations including KYOS in Merced. The McClungs intend to retain their interests in the stations, but will no longer be engaged in the newspaper business. The Sun-Star, an afternoon daily founded in 1925 by Peter McClung and his brother, the late Ray McClung, was sold for more than $100,000 to Dean S. Lesher, publisher of the Fremont (Neb.) Tribune and Eagle. The sellers were Peter McClung, publisher, his son Hugh McClung, and his daughter- in-law Mrs. Ray McClung. Hugh McClung has been devoting his time almost entirely to radio. The Mc Clungs own KYOS, Merced; KHSL, Chico, and KVCV, Redding, all in California, and hold 56% interest in KWLK, Longview, Wash. The stations are Don Lee-MBS outlets. The Merced outlet was founded by them and the other two in California were purchased.

(BROADCASTING Magazine, April 7, 1941)
(Courtesy of Gary Avey)
KYOS originally was on 1040 kc with 250 watts daytime when they came on the air in 1936. They moved to 1490 KHz in 1942 or 1943 and went full time. We are still digging to find out when they moved to the current frequency of 1480 KHz and increased power to 5,000 watts.

Russ Pope Prominent Radio & TV Engineer Dies

Russell Bryan Pope, a pioneer in radio and television, died on May 2, 2012 in Berry Creek, Calif., he was 95.   Mr. Pope was the long time Director of Engineering for Golden Empire Broadcasting Co., owned for several decades by the McClung family.  The company owned KHSL-AM-TV in Chico and several other stations, including KYOS in Merced.  He retired in 1995 after 54 years with the company.  He was the company's President and Director of Engineering when he stepped down.  (Story)

KYOS's transmitting site on Old Lake Road north of Merced.  This site was developed in 1947 and is still occupied to this date.     Photo courtesy of Google Earth.

* Russell Bryan Pope, a pioneer in radio and television, died on May 2, 2012 in Berry Creek, Calif., he was 95. (More)