William B. Ogden Radio School

I graduated in 1958 from the original Ogden's radio school located on Olive Avenue in Burbank, California. at the time they were in the process of renovating the old original building that sat on that corner. There was about 20 of us crammed into a small area and I remember when it was time to take Ogden's famous "split test" I took mine sitting on the toilet as it was no other space available. I'll always remember the sign at the head of the classroom above the blackboard with the capital letters R.T.D.Q. which should for "Read The Damn Question!" More than once, he vigorously pointed to the sign when he caught one of his students asleep at the switch or with the wrong answer to a question. That was of course after he had let loose with a eraser aimed at the errant student. He was truly one-of-a-kind and a remarkable shot with his erasers.

Added: January 30, 2012
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