History Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association
By Bob Pinheiro, WA6ZLO

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On September 22, 1999 a lightning strike ignited a tire fire in Westley, California where an estimated five million scrap tires burned for thirty-four days at an illegal tire dump on forty acres owned by rancher Ed Filbin.  Over the course of the blaze, a half-million gallons of pyrolitic oil draining off the 7-million-strong pile of burning tires flowed into a nearby stream, which subsequently burst into flames. Mr. Filbin is the person referred to in the story above about SARA .  The fire resulted in numerous lawsuits and legal problems for Mr. Filbin.  After several years of litigation Mr. Filbin sold the property.  The last we heard he moved to Montana.  It was Mr. Filbin who gave us permission to pass over his land on Mt. Oso Road.  Without his permission SARA would not have been able to regain access  Mt. Oso. (Ed Filbin's Westley Tire Dump story. Photo courtesy Invisible 5 Org.)
(Courtesy of Modesto Bee)
In the Spring of 1989 the Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association (SARA) built a new building on Mt. Oso to house their repeaters. 

  1. The original building occupied by the club which was thrown together with particle board and corrugated tin roofing.
  2. Side view of the original building.
  3. Under pinning's of the new building.
  4. New building framed.
  5. Work on the framing.
  6. Steel siding for the walls and roof are put in place
  7. Don Fink,  N6GGB,  head of the construction crew working on the door jam.
  8. Crew stands back a for a look at how their doing.  The old building is on the right.
  9. Long shot of new building taking shape.
  10. Crew stands back a for a look at how their doing.  The old building is on the right
  11. SARA club president, Phil Hartz, WD0FFX, checks the insulation.
  12. Cliff Kachline,  KB6QLI, installing more insulation.
  13. Missing
  14. Don, N6GGB,  puts the finishing touches of the building.
  15. The nearly finished project.
  16. Don, N6GGB, inspects the interior.
  17. The interior with the sheet rock and work bench up and the repeater rack in place.

Some ham radio operators are passionate about mobile operation.

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