Oakland-born Anson Weeks was king of Nob Hill hotel dance bands during the 1920s and 30s, with a long run at Hotel Mark Hopkins from 1927 through 1934.   He was a pioneering West Coast band leader who formed his first dance orchestra in 1924 and quickly became popular with the Bay Area crowd. He used  the catch phrase ''Come Dancin' with Anson'' which he coined at the Mark.

Bob Crosby, Xavier Cugat and Tony Martin were all members of Week's orchestra at one time. During the 1930s a pre-cowgirl Dale Evans was his female vocalist. The orchestra first recorded for Columbia in 1928 and backed Bing Crosby on one of his early best-selling recordings, ''Please.'' The bands big recording break came in May 1928 when Columbia Records waxed “Dream House” and “Wob-a-ly Walk.”

In 1946 Anson retired when the big band bust set in and went into the real estate business in Santa Rosa, California. Ten years later in 1956 he formed a new orchestra and went on tour, recording three albums for Fantasy Records. During the 1960s he fronted a combo, mostly in the Sacramento area.

Weeks broadcast almost nightly in 1930 from Hotel Mark Hopkins on KFRC and NBCs West Coast network. His “Lucky Strike Magic Carpet” radio program was broadcast coast-to-coast from the Mark on NBC during 1931.  Anson Weeks died in 1969.

Anson Weeks Orchestra