KFIV air check from 1961 with G. Martin Avey.  Originally recorded in the KFIV control room on a Magnacorder PT-6 reel to reel machine off the program line.   Most recorded local spots are in the voice of Gene D'Accardo who was Operations Manager and News director at the time....obviously he did most of the production as well!

The recorded agency spots were off ETs. (Electrical Transcriptions)  The Burgie (Burgermister) beer spot was voiced by Jim Lange...who until recently was still on the air in San Francisco.  The Miss Teenage America promo was mostly voiced by Bobby Barnett who was Program Director at the time.

Thanks to G. Martin Avey (Gary) of Chico, CA who supplied this bit of sound history from the 60s at KFIV.  Gary writes "I must admit at 68 years of age listening to myself at age 22 when I only had a couple of years of experience under my belt...I think I sounded a little silly at times!  But also pretty amazing to hear something from over 40 years ago in your life as it really happened!"

G. Martin Avey KFIV Air Check 1961