Radio Modesto Is Given Tentative Federal Permit

September 20, 1949

The Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC,  today tentatively reinstated a grant to Radio Modesto, Inc., for a new standard radio station in Modesto (KMOD). It is proposed to operate on 1360 kilocycles, one kilowatt, unlimited time.

The announcement was made in the form of an initial decision which will become final within 40 days unless objections are filed.  Frank M. Helm, Modesto business man, who had filed a competing application last week withdrew it later.
Other Granted License:

The FCC on  August 30th, 1949  granted the Stanislaus County Broadcasters Inc of Modesto, an application (KBOX) to operate on 970 kilocycles, one kilowatt unlimited time, and allowed 40 days for the decision to become final.  This action means Modesto  will have two additional standard radio stations.

Cecil Lynch, who has been in the radio business here for a number of years, will head the Stanislaus County Broadcasters station, which is expected to be in operation around the first of the year. Among the others having an interest in the station are Ralph M. Brown, G. A. M. Lynch and William E. Bacon, all of Modesto.

No date has been announced for the start of broadcasting by Radio Modesto, half of which is owned by John Schacht, formerly of San Mateo and  the balance by Warren Giddings, his brother Richard and John E. Griffin of Modesto.