Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel was heard on NBC from October 1937 through September 1953 when it  moved to ABC where it continued until June of 1956. Colgate was his longest sponsor, from October 1939 through June 1951, during which the show was known as the Colgate Sports Newsreel.

Not only great sports commentator, Stern's gift for story telling made the Newsreel the hit it was. During the 15 minutes of each show, he offered extremely colorful (and many fanciful) stories dealing with sports and sports people.

Every week he would have a famous guest appear for a short segment to either corroborate a story about themselves, tell a story of their own, or sit in while Stern was on vacation and tell stories from Stern's latest book of yarns. During the football season, he would broadcast from the city hosting the game of the week. Many times he'd have the home coach or a famous player from the home team's past as the guest.

Bill Stern
Bill Stern's Sports Reel