Greetings From The Modesto Serviceman's Club
By Wes Page
Modesto Radio Museum Board Member

These recordings from the 1940’s have been stored in the basement of 101 year old Cecil Lynch’s home for the past 60 plus years.  The recordings are from electrical transcriptions (16 inch photograph records) featuring programs originally broadcast on Modesto, California’s first radio station, KTRB.
In the 40’s Cecil Lynch served as on-the-air talent for the radio station.  One popular program of the day was a weekly visit to the Modesto Serviceman’s Club. The club was located at 904 “I” street, (to quote Cecil; ) “in the shadow of the arch,” a reference to Modesto’s famous “Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health” arch.

Incidentally, the Modesto arch was refurbished and re-dedicated on it’s 100th anniversary in 2012. Cecil Lynch would have been 1 year old when the arch was built and he is still actively contributing ideas for the Modesto Radio Museum.

Cecil still has hundreds of recordings that are yet to be digitally transferred. Check back on this website as the Modesto Radio Museum provides additional programming from the past.  As you listen to these recordings, I think that you will agree that back then we lived in more innocent times.

Other Features:

From electrical transcriptions made in 1940's.