The Central Valley Broadcasters (CVB)  is a social group that gets together on a regular basis for lunch or dinner. A few years ago Derek Waring, retired broadcaster from K5 and KTRB, thought it would be nice for former area broadcasters to stay in touch with each other. Waring started scheduling lunches and inviting folks. in the beginning only a few veteran KFIV personalities attended, but it grew from there. The group is now comprised of people from many radio and even TV stations in the area and some folks from other forms of entertainment media joining the group from time to time.  

There are no eligibility requirements to join the group other than being able to listen to stories told by people who have been in the field of broadcasting. Our attendees range from people who have been, or still are, on-air personalities, technicians/engineers, sales people, news folks, and friends of the industry who are interested in what goes on in the field. Everyone has a good time and there is a lot of camaraderie. The name Central Valley Broadcasters was chosen for the group.

At the present time there are about 30 people who are on the mailing list and attend luncheons and dinners. The group meets at various locations in town and usually try to get together once a month or so. The meeting dates and locations are shared with the group via e-mail prior to the event. The group maintains a relaxed, no pressure approach to each social gatherings. 

Derek Waring & Bob DeLeon at lunch at Damien's on 7- 22, 2011.
L-R.  Bob Lang,  Ron Richards, Bob De Leon, Tim St. Martin,  Roy Williams, Bob Neutzling, Tammy Drew (Lynn)  and Derek Waring. at lunch at Damien's on July 22, 2011.
Roy Williams, Tim St. Martin and Bob Neutzling at lunch at Damien's on July 22, 2011.
L – R Bob Lang, Ron Richards (standing), Derek Waring , Tammy Drew, Jerry Moore.
L – R Bob Lang, Bob DeLeon, Derek Waring.
L – R  Bob Lang, Bob De León, Tim St. Martin, Derek Waring.
Left or right – Bob Lang, Rick Myers, Bob De León. At Buddy's Pub and BBQ, Modesto January 12, 2012.
L – R – Bob De León, Bob Lang, Rick Myers, Derek Waring, Roy Williams, Ron Richards (seated), Tim St. Martin. January 12, 2012 at Buddy's Pub and BBQ, Modesto.

Central Valley radio personalities from the past gathered at Coach's Corner restaurant in Modesto to reminisce in Oct. 2011. Top row: L-R Dave Nelson, John Chappell, Derek Waring, Tim St. Martin, Radio Rick Meyers, Greg Edwards, Wes Page. Bottom row: L-R Bob De Leon, Mel freedman, John Huey, Ken Tinkle (Kenny Roberts), Bob Lang.

  Dennis Brougher  e-mailed these jingles to Derek Waring recently. Bob DeLeon recalls that these KFIV jingles were recorded at the Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles/Hollywood.  The name of the group (guys) was the Lancers, and they were bolstered by 2 females.  The group that was recording in an adjacent studio was Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.  This happened around 1972.