Contributions - Can you help?

Do you have broadcast recordings, music surveys, photographs or other items pertaining to Modesto or area radio stations?  Did you work at a local radio station, either on the air or behind the scenes? We would appreciate obtaining copies of any items that you may have in your private collection that you would like to share with our visitors.  If you don't have tangible items, we welcome the opportunity to include your written or recorded memories of your experiences in local radio. 

We are looking for items listed below which pertain to the people, places and things related to the pioneer broadcasters who brought radio to Modesto and the San Joaquin Valley beginning in 1933.   Including, but not limited to,  KTRB AM/FM, KMOD, KBOX,  KBEE AM/FM , KTUR/KCEY/KMIX, KLOC AM and KLOC TV,  KFIV,  KDJK,  KEJC, KASH, KCBC/KPLA,  KHOP FM,  KITA FM, KOSO FM,  KQKK FM/ KVFX , KZUN and others in the area.  

Here is one example of what we are looking for: Click

We are looking for:

  1. Photos of stations, personal and equipment.
  2. Newspaper articles and or stories.  (Excellent source of information)
  3. Audio or video recordings, including news programs, station jingles, recorded programs etc. either on reel-to-reel tape, cassette, cartridge tape.  We have equipment to retrieve audio in any of these formats. 
  4. Memorabilia which we can photograph and return to you.  Equipment, people, events etc.

Because we are virtual (on-line) museum means we only need copies of what you may have.  You retain the originals.    We gladly will make the copies for the website and return your originals to you.  If you have any questions please contact us.  Thank You.