Gabriel Heatter, News Commentator
Gabriel Heatter  was an American radio commentator whose World War II-era sign-on  "There's good news tonight"  became both his catchphrase and his caricature. He earned an unusual reputation---even in a less media-driven and cynical time---for morale boosting during some of the nation's most arduous days. This child of immigrant parents was born on the east side of New York City on September 17, 1890 and moved to Brooklyn soon after. Heatter did not do well in school and found high school particularly difficult. Despite that, he had an ability to speak well as he was very interested in reading and the world around him.

With the coming of World War II, Heatter continued to report and comment on the day's events as war broke out over Europe. When the US entered the war and as times grew darker and darker, the news was simply not good. Finally, after the US sank a Japanese destroyer, Heatter came on the air reporting "there is good news tonight." This became a catch phrase and prompted many letters and calls. Heatter continued to use it throughout his career as he became known more and more as a morale booster always looking for some patch of blue to include in the news.