Gene D'Accardo KNBR
Final Broadcast June 5, 1989
Gene D'Accardo was KTRB's first newsman in 1941. Bill Bates sent Cecil Lynch to Modesto Junior College to pick the best candidate for the job from the students enrolled in radio classes.  Gene was it, right out of the classroom and into the job.  A year later Gene volunteered for the service in February 1942 and subsequently flew 57 missions as a navigator of a Liberator Bomber in the South Pacific.  

Home after the war he was back at KTRB for awhile then went to KFIV and then to NBC and KNBR to head the news bureau for the next 25 years.  He ended his career with KNBR on June 5, 1989.  He returned to Modesto and KTRB for several months before retiring.

Gene died January 2, 2004  at his Sonoma County home in Casadero.  He was 82. 

(Courtesy of Cathy D'Accardo Schezer)