Comedian Groucho Marx was the emcee and star of this filmed quiz show, which had begun on radio in 1947. Although it was ostensibly a quiz, the series' most important asset was the humor injected by Groucho into the interviews he did with the contestants before they had a chance to play the game. Contestants were picked primarily on the potential they had to be foils for Groucho's barbs, which they seemed to love.

At the start of each show the audience was informed of the night's secret word. If any of the contestants happened to say it while they were on the air, they won an extra $100. When they said the word a dilapidated stuffed duck would drop from the ceiling with the $100 attached.

The quiz consisted of question-and-answer rounds in which contestants bet all or part of an initial purse on their ability to answer the questions in a chosen category. The questions were not really that difficult, and the two members of a team could collaborate.

You Bet Your Life
Grouch Marx

Announcer George Fenneman & Groucho
Secret word duck and Groucho