Firing Hoax To Boost Ratings

KTRB listeners got an earful on Friday October 19, 1990  when a carefully planned drama played out on the air.    Listeners were led to believe that the station's new manager Jon Bellizzi had decided to fire popular DJ  Fred Hunter.   Fellow DJ,  J.W. Ford,  informed listeners of the situation and his alleged outrage of the supposed move.  Once the listeners were brought into the plan, daily reports on the air resulted in calls and letters to the station in support of Hunter and Ford.  The spoof all came to a head, as planned,  while J.W. Ford was on the air Friday morning. Listeners were led to believe they were hearing Bellizzi physically removing a defiant Ford from the control room and forcing him off the air.   Everyone involved at the station insisted the events were real.   They weren't according to our sources.  The hoax was designed to boost ratings for the station.