k5 derek graffiti weekend 2013
k5 derek graffiti weekend 2013
K5's American Graffiti Gold Weekend 2013
with "Rockin' Ron Richards
Saturday June 8, 2013  12-2 PM
Rockin' Ron Richards
K5's American Graffiti Gold Weekend
     Yes, it was a thrill for me!  They say once you've got something in your "blood,"..you can never get rid of it?  My last gig in radio was at  KDAT-FM (Merced)(1989-1991) at that time we were still using CDs and Cassettes, the slide controls replaced the "Old Knobs" ("Pots").  I suppose that given enough time that you could get used to the new surroundings and get comfortable with the equipment. 

I don't listen to local radio anymore, as I am a subscriber to Sirius XM...why??...I feel that there are "tons" of music out there...and yet...your limited.  Also was interesting to find out that there are no more "all-nighters," anymore!  Like life...radio has changed and nothing is the same anymore!...But it was fun and would do it again ( in a Modesto minute)... hopefully, next year!  In other words...KEEP ON TRUCKIN'