KBEE AM  970 KCs

Successor to KBOX, when purchased by the McClatchy Broadcasting Co. of Sacramento the call letters were changed to KBEE-AM and became the sister station to the company's FM station KBEE-FM 103.1 MHz  Shortly thereafter the AM station call letters were changed to KHYV  (The Hive)   and programming switched to classical.

Price Broadcasting of Utah bought the McClatchy Stations in late 1982 and took over in 1983. KBEE-970 changed calls to KHYV on February 17, 1983. They remained Adult Contemporary but dropped all local programming and utilized Satellite Music Network's STAR STATION Adult Contemporary Music Service.  They id'ed as "K-HIVE 970". This remained until 1985. 

On April 30, 1985, They switched formats to CLASSICAL MUSIC. Even though they kept the KHYV call, they no longer used the K-HIVE moniker. They were home to "The Modesto Symphony" concerts as well as the syndicated "Metropolitan Opera".  In addition to Classical Music, KHYV continued to broadcast the Oakland A's  baseball games. They advertised as being home to  "The Three Classics, BACH, BEETHOVEEN AND BASEBALL! .

On April 18, 1988, KHYV dropped Classical and switched to 50's/60's/70's ROCK OLDIES. They utilized Satellite Music Network's PURE GOLD Rock Oldies Service. They retained the KHYV calls for awhile (even reviving the K-HIVE moniker) until dropping it for the KOOK call on August 29, 1988. Price sold the stations in 1992 to Citadel Broadcasting.  KBEE AM today is KESP and KBEE-FM is KATM (Kat Country). 

Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Jr. Stockton, CA

Chet Jensen , KBEE announcer in 1973.
Announcer/engineer Chet Jensen in KBEE-AM and FM control room on I Street in downtown Modesto in 1973 & 1974
Newsman Dick Boynton with 1976 AM-970 newscast.

(Courtesy of Chet Jensen)
Courtesy of Chet Jensen
Courtesy of Bill Slayter
Chet Jensen, KBEE radio announcer 1974
KBEE-970 bumper sticker from 1994 when it was Adult Standards.
(Courtesy Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA )
Letter from GM of  KBEE regarding  the switch from Adult Standards to Classic Country in 1996.
(Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA)
KBEE advertising material from 1996.
(Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA)
KBEE advertising material from 1996.
(Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA )
KBEE advertising material from 1996.
(Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA )
(1-12-51 Published in local newspaper)

New Radio Station (KBOX) Is Planned Here -  Modesto soon will have a new standard radio station in operation. The Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC announced today it has given final construction grant to Stanislaus County Broadcasters, Inc. The FCC's grant affirms findings of  the hearing examiner's decision of  September 28th, 1950.

The owners, all Modestans, are Assemblyman Ralph M. Brown, Harold Bowen, Cecil Lynch and his father, G. A. Lynch. The station will operate at 970 kilocycles, one kilowatt, unlimited time. Its call letters have not yet been assigned. The owners said much of the equipment already has been purchased. They plan to have the station on the air in two or three months. The transmitter site towers, etc., have been obtained.  Downtown Studios  Main studios will be downtown. Several locations and under consideration. Company spokesmen said plans call for complete entertainment, news, sports and special events coverage in the Stanislaus district Cecil Lynch, long connected with the radio industry, is expected to be in the managerial capacity.  When it goes on the air it will fourth Modesto radio station in Stanislaus County.

KBEE-970  Easy Listening Music Christmas 1992