Time Marches On  1978 - 2010
KTUR, KCEY, KMIX FM to La Favorita Network
The first commercial broadcast station in the city of Turlock, CA  was KTUR, 1390 kHz,  which came on the air Oct. 14, 1949.

Around  1960 KTUR was  sold to some men from Ohio who preferred to emphasize network baseball and changed the call letters  from KTUR to KCEY to tie in with "Casey at the bat".  In 1977 KTUR's application to build an FM station was about to granted.It became obvious that the original studios on Quincy Ave. had finally outgrown it's usefulness. Rather than try to adapt the old building to accommodate both the AM and FM operations, it was decided that the best plan would be to construct a completely new building on land purchased at the corner of Santa Fe Ave. and Geer Rd. just southeast of Hughson, CA. 

Below are photos of the facilities at Geer and Santa Fe taken 32 years later on Oct. 28, 2010.  The site is still used for radio broadcasting and communications.  The broadcasting is all in Spanish by the La Favorita Radio Network. Several FM's and one AM,  KLOC, 1390 kHz,  operate from the building.   KLOC, is the current call sign of the original KTUR , KCEY.   KLOC original call letters were assigned to Chester Smith's Ceres station which came on the air in October of 1963.   Special thanks to Chuck Canterbury who took the photos below.

KTUR (KCEY) original studios on Quincy Rd. Turlock, CA.  Photo taken in 70's.
New (in 1978) studios of KCEY/KMIX FM at Geer Rd and Santa Fe,  Hughson, CA.