K-5's  Solid Gold Graffiti Weekend
Bob Lang
The before photo on the right was taken 40+ years ago at KTRB and the after shot was taken by Radio Rick following my session at K-5 in July 2012.

As for for a long (or short) explanation of what I'm doing now.  Short explanation: Retired!  Long explanation:  I've written a book for media people, hence the shot of the book cover.  It's available in book stores, on-demand through Amazon or Create Space.
DJ schedule for K5 Solid Gold Graffiti weekend

July 6, 2012  through July 8, 2012

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Friday night:
6 PM-9 PM-Bob DeLeon
9 PM-12 midnight-Kenny Roberts
Saturday night:
12 noon-2 PM-Gail wax
2 PM-4 PM-Bob Lang 
4 PM-6 PM-Greg Edwards
6 PM-9 PM-Derek Waring
9 PM-12 midnight-Radio Rick (Bob DeLeon & Derek Waring filling in)

12 noon-2 PM-John Wayne Huey
2 PM-4 PM-Johnny Walker
4 PM-6 PM-Ron Posey

Other Feature:
American Graffiti Music Montage

Note from the webmaster.  We hope to have air checks (audio clips)  from all the K5 Solid Gold Graffiti weekend DJ's. We will add them here as they are received.  If you are one of the graffiti DJ's and you have not sent the webmaster photos (now and then) and a brief resume, please do so ASAP.