K-5's  Solid Gold Graffiti Weekend
Gail Wax

In Modesto my air name was Gail Coates (KFIV) or Gail Wax (K102)... In Stockton it was Allison Brown (KJOY) and in Livermore it was Deanna Gail (KKIQ). After 13 years in radio, I started an advertising agency and worked on print, TV, radio and event advertising for clients including McHenry Village and Kellers.  Continued recording commercials through the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond.

In 1985, I started with the City of Modesto, using those radio-honed speaking skills to transition into corporate training and public speaking.  Still there 27 years later!

Most proud that my radio and music background helped me encourage and support my son's love of music.  Downey graduate Nick Wax is now an electronic music producer and, along with his wife Erin and DJ Trenix, will release future smash hit "Here Tonight" on June 18th on Blackhole Records.  Go to Nick Wax on Facebook for the link, or track it down on ITunes!
DJ schedule for K5 Solid Gold Graffiti weekend

July 6, 2012  through July 8, 2012

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Friday night:
6 PM-9 PM-Bob DeLeon
9 PM-12 midnight-Kenny Roberts

Saturday night:
12 noon-2 PM-Gail wax
2 PM-4 PM-Bob Lang
4 PM-6 PM-Greg Edwards
6 PM-9 PM-Derek Waring
9 PM-12 midnight-Radio Rick (DeLeon & Waring filling in)

12 noon-2 PM-John Wayne Huey
2 PM-4 PM-Johnny Walker
4 PM-6 PM-Ron Posey

Other Feature:
American Graffiti Music Montage

   K-5's  Solid Gold Graffiti Weekend