November 29, 1965 PATTERSON A  new maximum power frequency  modulation multiplex stereo radio station is expected  to start broadcasting from Patterson and Modesto soon.   John J.  Markovich a partner in Sierra Pacific Radio  says January 1st is the tentative starting date. He says with the exception of a minor technicality, the company's permit has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.  The call letters of the station will be KOSO. It will be found at 93.1 on the FM Band.  Present plans call for broadcasting and business offices in Patterson and Modesto.  The station will be on the air 24 hours a day and will broadcast 51 per cent of the time from Patterson and 49 per cent of the time from Modesto.  

The Modesto station and office will be located in the Seely Tower.    Markovich says the company now hopes to locate its Patterson station and office in the Hotel Del Puerto.   Originally they sought use of the city-owned center building on the plaza.  

Sierra Pacific is buying Turlock station KHOM to move it here and plans to construct a 70, 000-watt transmitter on nearby Mt. Oso, from which it takes its KOSO call letters.

The 3,000 foot transmitter, would be the highest altitude transmitter in Northern California KOSO officials believe.

It will broadcast on a vertical as well as horizontal pattern.  It also is expected that KOSO will have the widest FM coverage in the state, blanketing the San Joaquin Valley as far north and west as Napa and as far west as Palo Alto. 

The station will not be affiliated with a national network but will have a national news wire service and also will broadcast local spot news.

Other Sierra Pacific members are Robert B. Cooper Jr. attorney Ronald La Force and  Gary Dean Suggs.

Air check with Carol Benson and others at KO93 aired March 25, 1997.

Patterson-Modesto FM Station KOSO Start Soon
November 29, 1965

Patterson Picked For New FM Station (KOSO-FM)

Within a few months this city may be the home of a maximum power frequency modulation stereo radio station. Robert B. Cooper, Jr., of Modesto, one of four investors in the Sierra Pacific Radio Corporation, last night told the city council of plans to construct a 70,000 watt transmitter on nearby Mt. Oso.

Cooper said the FM signal would be sent from a downtown studio here to the transmitter, which would blanket a 200 mile segment of the San Joaquin Valley from its 3,100 foot elevation. Cooper appeared with John J. Markovich and Attorney Ronald L. LaForce, both also of Modesto, to request use of the city owned Plaza Building as a broadcasting studio and office.

The other investor is  is Gary Dean Suggs of Phoenix, Ariz. Cooper said the propose transmitter nine miles north west of here would be capable of serving the area between Fresno and Sacramento with background type music, news and some advertising.  He emphasized the pro ramming would be in an adult  format with no rock and roll type music and a limited amount of commercials. 

News would include area as well a world coverage via Associate Press Audio News Service. He said the station would broadcast 18 hours a day at the start and 24 hours as soon possible, all in stereo multiplex. A staff of nine to 12 persons would be employed and Suggs would be the station manager and program director. He is a former Modesto radio station employee who now manages station KXIV in Phoenix.

Cooper said the firm has applied for a Federal Communications Commission permit to build its Mt. Oso equipment and approval is expected within 90 days. He said it would take another 30 to 45 days to construct  and equip the studio.

MRM Editor's Note- The station referred to in this article would eventually become KOSO at 93.1 MHz)

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