An aerial view of KTRB circa early 1950's looking SE.  This shot shows the additions of the office and transmitter rooms made in 1948/1949. Note that Norwegian ave is only a dirt road.   In the upper left corner is today the major intersection of Coffee Rd and Briggsmore.  
The original building built in 1941.  This picture was taken sometime before additions were made to the building in 1948/49.
View of the rear of the original building looking north sometime in the 40's.
Circa 1950's looking SE.
Satellite photo from Bing Maps  shows the original KTRB property which  today  is KMPH,  840 KHz, Modesto, CA. Photo taken in 2009.

Aerial Views of KTRB
L- Aerial shot showing the SE antenna of KTRB. Note in the red circle is Coffee Rd. where is crossed over an MID canal. Today this spot is the major intersection of Coffee Rd. and Briggsmore . The green circle is where the Memorial Hospital stands today and the Calvary Temple and School is located in the yellow circle area. This photo was taken in the 60's. The photo on the right is the major intersection of Briggsmore and Coffee as it looks today.  Aerial photo courtesy of Bing Images.

In 1979 the original 3 KTRB AM towers on Norwegian Ave. were torn down.  The station had been granted a power increase to 50, 000 watts and built a new transmitting site off Claribell Rd.  NE of Waterford .   These towers were erected in 1942 constructed with sections of well casing pipes brought from the Bakersfield oil fields. A modified pile driver hoisted the well casing pipe sections as they were welded. (story)
Towers on the ground.  This property today belongs to the Calvary Church.
Cecil Lynch and helper record the erection of the new KTRB towers on Norwegian Ave. in 1942. Audio recovered from an ET (electrical transcription).