Maddox  Brothers performing on KTRB in late 40's or early 50's.  (Courtesy of Elmer and Phyllis Gunkel)
Chester Smith and Hank Snow performing on KTRB in late 40's or early 50's. (Courtesy of Elmer and Phyllis Gunkel)
Pete and Bessie Pappas in one Pete's 1979 Clenet at the Riverbank Clubhouse remote in 1983.
(Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
KTRB's Chief Engineer Clyde Michael (L)  and helper erect station to transmitter antennas on tower at KTRB after a windstorm destroyed the previous tower.
L-R  Unk, Tom Taylor lead guitarist of the band Blue Water,  Glenn Stepp, Art Allison, Clyde Michael KTRB's Chief Engineer.   (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Bob Smith and J.W. Ford from KTRB.  (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Over a thousand people attended the Riverbank Club House party in 1983.   (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Rose Maddox arrives at the Riverbank Club House party.
(Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Pete Pappas (seated), Bessie Pappas, Glenn Stepp, Rose Maddox, Yosemite Sam and Tom Taylor.  (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Rose Maddox signing autographs.  (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
Rose Maddox arriving at the Riverbank Club House 1983.  (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)

Local chef and Bob Smith from KTRB.
(Courtesy of Clyde Michael)

Fred Hunter and Bob Smith  (Courtesy of Clyde Michael)
The late Lynn Wood makes an appearance on KTRB while running for Sheriff in 1974. He won and took office in Jan. of 1975.
The original control room of KTRB on McHenry Ave  taken in 1935 or 1936. The operator was Frank Trainer.   Photo negative provided by Cecil Lynch.
The original 250 watts home brew transmitter and patch panel of KTRB on McHenry Ave taken in 1935 or 36 by Cecil Lynch.
Cecil Lynch interviews a family in front of the JC Penny store in downtown Modesto during the Man on the Street program on KTRB.  Photo taken sometime  around 1942 by Cecil Lynch.
Mrs. Bessie Pappas, one KTRB's owners after Bill Bates death.
L-R. Tammy Lynn,  J.W. Ford , Truba McCoy and Bill Slayter. Taken at the Crossroads Shopping Center on Carpenter Rd. in Modesto during a promotion in 1993. 

Courtesy of Bill Slayter
L-R  Gene D'Accardo, J.W. Ford and Billy Ray Slayter

Courtesy of Bill Slayter
KTRB Photo Gallery Page 1

(Left) -  KTRB's Frank Blanas  putting away music cartridges in the KTRB library around 1993. (Right)- KTRB's main control room also believed taken around 1993. We believe KTRB was country at the time.

(Courtesy of Derek Waring and Frank Blanas)