1942 KTRB Sales Pitch

KTRB Modesto started broadcasting on June 11, 1934 with 250 watts of power on 740 KHz.  The station was limited to daylight operation only from their studios at the corner of Sylvan and McHenry in Modesto.   In 1941 Bill Bates and his investors purchased 40 acres of wheat land on Norwegian Ave in Modesto where they built a new station and erected 3 tubular steal towers in the pasture  behind the station.  The towers were constructed of steal well casings from the oil fields of Bakersfield.    KTRB began transmitting from Norwegian Ave in 1942 with a power of 1,000 watts day and night and a new frequency of 860 KCs.   Found in the stations archives was this sales presentation describing the new antenna systems and related equipment. 
In all of our research this is the first, and only,  time we found anything where the KTRB call letters were associated with a slogan promoting the station in 1942.
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