KTRB/San Francisco To ESPN Deportes Radio
June 22, 2011 at 1:32 PM (PT)

The flip of troubled PAPPAS Sports KTRB-A (XTRA SPORTS 860)/SAN FRANCISCO to become the market's ESPN DEPORTES affiliate (reported in NET NEWS 6/21) will take place on FRIDAY (6/23) under a lease to DEPORTES MEDIA, ESPN's company which leases stations for the Spanish Sports network. KTRB went into receivership last FALL and lost OAKLAND A'S baseball to crosstown ENTERCOM Sports KBWF (SPORTSRADIO 95.7 FM) at the end of spring training this season.

"The Hispanic sports fans in SAN FRANCISCO are passionate about sports and we are excited to bring them the best of sports radio," said OSCAR RAMOS, Sr. Dir./GM of ESPN DEPORTES RADIO. "We are proud to extend ESPN DEPORTES RADIO to the Spanish-speaking sports fans in the BAY AREA. This is a great accomplishment for our network and our brand as we continue to successfully expand our national presence in the U.S. market."
"At KTRB 860 AM, we are very excited to bring the first Spanish-language sports radio network to the BAY AREA," said MICHAEL SHER, ESPN DEPORTES RADIO BAY AREA GM. "This launch offers our local community across all the BAY AREA the latest in sports news and information, and provides advertisers and marketers a unique opportunity to reach local Hispanics sports fans.

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KTRB San Francisco taken over by the Bank

KTRB-860-Xtra Sports is struggling but will stay on the air. The A's 50,000-watt flagship radio station, KTRB-860, is suddenly in financial turmoil, but a team spokesman said it will not impact the game broadcasts or ancillary programming, at least for the rest of this season.

KTRB, owned by Harry and Jim Pappas, went into receivership to Comerica Bank on Friday and some personnel were subsequently terminated, including the station's program director Kevin Barrett. Syndicated talk-show host Michael Savage also was dropped. But as far as the A's are concerned, the only change is that post game talk-show host Chris Townsend will be employed by the club instead of the station.

"The bank will continue to run the station as is and is honoring the (team's) contract," said Ken Pries, A's vice president of broadcasting and communications. "So as far as the A's are concerned, fans are not going to notice a difference."  Rumors flew after the bank takeover, many of them unfounded, including one that the station might possibly go off the air at midnight Friday.

"That's absolutely 100 percent incorrect," Pries said. "I know that unequivocally. I've been on the phone with the chief engineer who is still on staff. He assures the station will remain on the air."  KTRB sports director Ken Dito, who was retained, said the station will maintain and hopefully improve its 24-hour sports programming format and still plans to broadcast A's

Bankruptcy  History            

The original KTRB was Modesto's first commercial station on the air in 1933.  The station was moved to San Francisco in June of 2006 and replaced with KMPH, 840 kHz on July 10, 2006.   KMPH failed and went off the air on August 31, 2010.   The recession hit Harry Pappas,  owner of several television and radio stations in the country, hard forcing his business into bankruptcy.  On May 14, 2008, company founder Harry J. Pappas filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy at the Delaware court, where a judge could order his personal assets sold to pay off creditors.

On May 10, 2008, thirteen of Pappas' stations filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Pappas cited "the extremely difficult business climate for television stations across the country" in papers filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware. The company reported in court filings that it has more than $536 million in debt and $460 million in assets. Problems that led to bankruptcy included poor performance of The CW network, its now-former involvement with Azteca America, and preparations for the 2009 analog shutdown.

On January 16, 2009  a federal Judge approved sale of Pappas Stations On January 16, 2009  a federal Judge approved sale of Pappas Stations to New World TV Group.

Pappas Telecasting, was one of the nation's largest TV station owners, says a bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of "essentially all" its stations to New World TV Group. Pappas retains a handful of TV stations and associated LPTVs.  Sold out of bankruptcy were eight stations, agreements to operate two stations not owned by Pappas, and 13 associated low-power stations.The buyer is made up primarily of Pappas' creditors, who won the stations at auction with a $260 million bid. The stations include CBS, Fox, CW, and MynetworkTV affiliates in markets including San Francisco, Houston, Sioux City, Omaha, El Paso and Yakima, Wash.

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