KTRB Unknown Employees
Late 1940's to Mid 1950's

Can you identify any of these previous employees of KTRB in the late 1940's to the mid 1950's?  If so please contact us by email and give us their name(s) and what you may know about them.  Thank You.

What we know-

Photo #1 This person worked in the engineering department at KTRB. His first name is believed to be Joe and he was a ham radio operator.
(September 2008   ID'ed as Joe Rice.)
Photo #2  Worked preparing daily calendars. This photo taken in 1954.  Possibly Lois Moran.
Photo #4  First name is Gwen and was employed as a receptionist.
Photo #5  ID as Gene Stephens deceased. 
Photo #7  Was one of the bookkeepers in 1955.

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