August 17, 1997

The FBI has been called in to help investigate the toppling of radio station transmission tower of Manteca radio station KVFX located near Ripon.  Radio transmission was  silenced after vandals cut through at least two guy wires on the 240-foot tower located along Brady Road, west of Ripon.

Station manager Gary Halladay said the 3,000-watt FM station will be off the air for a few days, until a temporary transmission facility is found. All but 75 feet of the tower crumbled to the ground, with the remainder crashing into the room of the trailer housing the transmitter.

Officials said that at least two of the four guy wires were cut with a saw and bolt cutter sometime Sunday morning between 3 and 4 am. Halladay said preliminary estimates place the damage at $10,000, including advertising revenue lost while the station is silenced. 

A reward will be offered leading to an arrest in the vandalism.  Halladay added that he has no idea the motive behind the toppling.

KVFX Radio Tower Downed by Vandals
Courtesy of Floyd Perry, Stockton, CA