By Becky Gilreath

Cal Valley Limited Partnership owned KQKK in the late 80's.  My husband (Scott) and I were recruited from another market to "fix" the Modesto station. We arrived in Modesto in the Summer of 89. By late September 1989 we had added Burkhart Douglas as our consultant.  Greg Gillespie of BDA was a key in molding what would become KVFX.  We played with many different call letter combinations and did research to determine the "hole" in the market.

Classic Rock was the resounding answer and KDJK was vulnerable. The new station debuted with the Rolling Stones "It's Only Rock and Roll" with a new identity. KVFX - The Valley's Fox in September 1989.  We bought outdoor for the launch, made our first real appearance during the Manteca Pumpkin Festival ( took third place for the Int'l Chili Cook off that year and brought River Rocks to the drought strict region - "Tanks for Listening") survived the Bay Quake in 1989.  Cried for the homes and lives lost in the Oakland Hills fire.

We introduced Foxzilla to Modesto, fought City Hall and won to have a 30 ft tall "sign" in Foxzilla for all our events. Charley James even drove Foxzilla to Los Angeles for his "close up".Foxzilla watched over the Riverbank Wine and Cheese Festival, The Tracy Dry Bean Festival and Graffiti Fest for years. My memory isn't what it used to be but there are some things and people that will forever be etched in the fabric of Modesto much like the Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health arch.

I'll apologize now for whoever I leave out but I'll name who I can remember

TJ Walker & Max Miller mornings- Steve Leon, Program Director later teamed with Max Miller to become the morning show after TJ & Max;  Steve Funk afternoons;  Capt Dale Kelly,mid days;   MJ Ray afternoons;  Justin Case, over nights ;  Robin Hart, nights; Shanna Lea, mid-days;  Jeni Gipe , nights;  Bill Pease, weekends; Robert Vargas promotions;  Charley James promotions;  Cindy Webb mid days; Greg Gillespie, consultant;  Chris Blade , The Voice of KVFX;  Randy the Fireman. 

Office & Support:
Cheryl Miller, reception & assistant ;  Jean Markman, business manager ;  Susan Pacheco ,office ; Donna Delage, promotion director; 

Sales & Management :
Scott Gilreath,  VP/GM ; Tim Ridley , GSM ; Pete Goode, GSM ; Ric Lee, GSM; George Skoffis ,GSM; Mark Douglas, GSM;  Jacque LaMarsh; Keith Sellers RIP My Friend; Dianne Hicks;  Laura Majors;  Becky Gilreath;  Evie Patterson;  Brian DeSoto;

Honorable Mention (Friends of the Fox and favorite places to meet):

Bob and Cindy Eckles (Our biggest fans);  Ten Speed Tom (Never missed a remote); Ed Meeks (Loyal Fan) ; Ken McCall (Agency of the Year); Bill Barr (Graffiti Fest); Ed Staley (Our neighbor and friend); Pete @ Minnie's (AMF); Mallards (Great Food); Easy Street (Bicycle Races) ; Mel's Drive Inn (The home of Graffiti Fest); Delicato Vineyards (Grape Stomp);  Holiday Inn Comedy Club ( A KVFX ; Mark Powell (Northern Tire & Wheel) , some people you never forget;  RJ Sweetwater's - Great Bear out front.. 
The Valley Fox KVFX
Steve Leon, P D 1989-1992 & Becky Gilreath
Robert Vargas promotion director & Becky Gilreath

Competing with KDJK aT party store remote. 
Remote from local Chevrolet dealership on McHenry Avenue.
Remote broadcast from Chase Chevrolet in Stockton.
Jean Markman, business manager and Cheryl Miller, receptionist & executive assistant
Scott Gilreath, VP and GM 1989-1992
Greg Gillespie, 1989
Remote broadcast at Northern Tire & Wheel