This photo was received February 24, 2012 from our Museum President, John Chapell taken at a campsite in the Joshua Tree National Park near PalmSprings, CA.  As most of you know, John retired from Modesto Junior College recently and has been traveling extensively. His motorcycle is inside the trailer. 
Latest Photos Received 
Gary Avey, Mr. Microphone Man, and his wife Norma on recent trip to the Ronald Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, CA in 2012. 
Our centenarian, co-museum founder and board member the late Cecil Lynch turned 102 in 2013.
(Photo by John Chappell)
Tammy Lynn (Drew, Hollingsworth,)  former KTRB Country 86 personality.  Now living in Grangeville, Idaho with her husband Morgan who is the Chief of Police.  Tammy worked at KORT radio in Grangeville where this photo was taken in 2012.  (Courtesy of the KORT Face Book page. )
1980's KTRB's Jon Bellizzi on the air. Photo with horse part of a promotion for a horse event in Oakdale. (Photo courtesy of Bill Slayter.)
Our museum President John Chappell enjoying his retirement on his bike in Palm Springs, CA  in 2013.
KTRB's Tammy Lynn at Early Dawn Cattle Company restaurant in Modesto in the 80's.
Gary Williams & Tammy Lynn doing maintenance at the KHOP transmitter site SW of Tracy, CA in the 80's.
Tammy Lynn and the late KTRB chief engineer Clyde Michael installing a new studio to transmitter link (STL) receive antenna on KHOP FM tower near Tracy in the 80's.

Tammy Lynn replacing a blower belt at KHOP 80's.

KMPH mobile studios removed from KTRB parking lot November, 2014.
Derek Waring at KJOY around 1974
The late KTRB chief engineer Clyde Michael installing a new studio to transmitter link (STL) receive antenna on KHOP FM tower near Tracy in the 80's.

These shots of the original KTRB on Norwegian Avenue in Modesto, California were taken on February 21, 2012. According to Board Member Bob Neira, who took these photographs, the property is starting to look very run down, much more so than depicted in these photographs. Notice the KMPH public file notice sign hanging on the fence in front of the mobile trailer which was KMPH's studios.  This is a requirement of the FCC that a public inspection file be available during regular business hours for public viewing.  Inasmuch as no one occupies the mobile office and all programming is being fed directly by satellite link to the transmitter, other arrangements had to be made for a location for the public to view the file. The address on the notice is the Centenary Methodist Church at the corner of Norwegian and Tokay Avenue just up the street from the site. 

KMPH is back on the air after going off the air in August 2010. They're running Latino programming fed directly to the transmitter by satellite from back East. Paul Shinn, KMPH's new contract engineer, reports that there have been several break-in's of the KTRB building with mostly copper wiring being stripped from the electrical circuits in the building.   The Modesto Police Departmentís Canine Unit will be using the building to train new K-9 officers in the future.   Plans for the building and site have not been divulged by owner Harry Pappas of Reno, Nevada.  Attempts to sell the property have been unsuccessful.
Bob  Lang in the 70's at KTRB.
We believe this photo was taken to Goodwill by the family of Dora Norgren who passed away. Names on the back from what we can tell with the handwriting are:  Back Row: Mary (Evans) Martaindale Elwin Norgren Dora Norgren Reba Lighthall Glenn Hammer Jess Edwards Johnathan (?) Ash G. Florence Rev. & Reba, W. E. Larson's pastors. This photo was posted to the Radio Museum Facebook page in May 2015 by Lisa Autry Hankal who found it in a frame at a local Goodwill store. If you know anything about this photograph please contact us. We are guessing that it  was taken in KTRB's studio A sometime in the late 40's or 50's.

June 11, 2015  .  These photos were taken by Museum board member Bob Neira of KTRB as it sits today on Norwegian Avenue.  The property was sold for a reported $170,000 in March of 2015 to a local Modesto businessman.  There have been no announcements as to what is in store for the property.  The building was originally built in 1941/1942 and renovated a few years later to add on an additional wing which is shown left of the palm trees.
<- Ringo Starr of the Beatles and local personality Bob Malik.

Rock'n  Ron Richards (Rick Nancett)  with the late Randy Hill former Chief Engineer at KTRB.  ->

(Photos courtesy of Ron Richards.)
(Courtesy of Eric Braun, Zorch Magazine)
House Brothers Band circa 1950's. 
Orville House on guitar, Don House on Electric guitar, and George House on bass.

(Photo and information courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton whose dad was Don House. The band played Western music up and down the valley in the 50s and eventually became a gospel band frequently heard on KTUR in Turlock. George House also served as a California Assemblyman.)