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  1. About Us (Modesto Radio Museum Group
  2. Anderson, Leonard J. KTRBs "Cousin Andy" passes away
  3. Arkie's Hillbillies, the story of
  4. Ampex Model 600 broadcasting work horse
  5. Asbill's Furniture radio commercial
  6. Automation, History of in broadcasting
  7. Avey, G. Martin KFIV DJ air check

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  1. Baseball radio games recreated in radio studios
  2. Beginning of broadcasting
  3. Bates, Bill  (All Stories under KTRB Click Here)
  4. Benson, Carol news director KTRB 80s air check.
  5. Benson, Carol and J.W. Ford air on KTRB
  6. Beyer, Fred Beyer Hi Superindent killed in plane crash
  7. Big Bands Favorites
  8. Birthday Program on KTRB with Cal Purviance air check
  9. Bob DeLeon Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
  10. Boynton, Wellesley Richard "Dick" newman dies
  11. Bloopers,  Radio
  12. Border Blasters, Index page
  13. Bread,  Sliced banned
  14. Brinkley, Dr. John pioneer border blaster air check
  15. Broadcast radio consoles
  16. Broken Arrow Western Store KTRB commercial with Smokey Silver air check
  17. Broadcast stations in Modesto Market
  18. Broadcasting Equipment 1930s to 1990s

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  1. Cecil Lynch Index
  2. Cecil Lynch and the magic of super modulation
  3. Central Valley Rock 81-85
  4. Central Valley broadcasters group
  5. Channing, Carol and Jeremy Renner help celebrate MJC Auditorium renovation.
  6. Commercial broadcast stations in the Modesto market
  7. Commercial side of broadcasting
  8. Computer History Museum
  9. Confession of a KFIV DJ
  10. Conelrad emergency radio service.
  11. Contact Us

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  1. D'Accardo,Gene obituary
  2. D'Accardo, Gene last broadcast on KNBR air check
  3. D'Accardo, Gene returns to valley radio from San Francisco.
  4. DeLeon receives lifetime achievement award.
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Disco Music Era
  7. Donations

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  1. Editing and Splicing Magnetic Tape
  2. ET's (Electrical Transcriptions)

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  1. Facebook Page
  2. Fenton, F. Robert KFIV  former owner die
  3. FCC approves application for KMOD and KBOX
  4. Fessenden, Reginald first words spoken on the air
  5. Freedman, Melville dies at 92
  6. Friend, Russ, turntable inventor dies at 91.
  7. Funny Signs

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  1. Gardner, Erle Stanley favorite radio personality
  2. Glass, Carol  KTRB's Children's Hour
  3. Get Out Those Old Records  KTRB Modesto radio program  with Virgil Risley
  4. Goldman, Edwin Franko and Frank Mancini  interview recording on KMOD, Modesto in 1955
  5. German Surrender in WW II

-H-  ____________________________________  _____________________________Top
  1. Haggard, Merle dies at  79
  2. Hammond U. S. Army Hospital
  3. Harvey, Paul  radio broadcaster dies
  4. Hibdon, Milt KTRB program director late 40s and early 50's.
  5. Hibdon, Milt KTRB program director biography by Lee Roddy
  6. Hibdon, Milt KTRB Modesto personality biography.
  7. Hill, Maurice  "Doc" dies at 76
  8. Historical dates
  9. Historic News Clippings Page 1
  10. Historic News Clippings Page 2
  11. Historic News Clippings Page 3
  12. Historic News Clippings Page 4
  13. Historic News Clippings Page 5
  14. Historical News Ads
  15. Historical News Clippings Page 2
  16. Hits of the war years (1945)
  17. Historical News Clippings for KTRB
  18. Hub Service KTRB radio commercials air check
  19. Hunter, Fred KTRB announcer air check

  1. -I-  & -J-________________________________________________________________Top
  2. Jingles Radio
  3. Japan's formal surrender on September 2, 1945

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  1. KASH AM-FM 1360 KHz and 102.1 MHz Modesto, CA.
  2. KAZV-TV, Modesto, CA
  3. KBEE AM 970 KHz, Modesto, CA
  4. KBEE-FM 103.1 MHz history
  5. KBOX 970 MHz, Modesto,CA
  6. KBOX receives FCC approval
  7. KCBC / KPLA 770 KHz Riverbank, CA
  8. KCEY and KMIX-AM & FM 1390 KHz & 98.3 MHz Turlock, CA
  9. KCEY,  My memories by Eric Rench (Danny Knight)
  10. KCEY DJ's  Lee Nye and Dave Kranz drinking experiment
  11. KCVR, 1570 KHz Lodi, CA first station
  12. KDJK, 95.1 MHz Oakdale,CA a dream come true
  13. KDJK, Photos
  14. KDJK, Beaver Brown remembers
  15. KDJK, Perseverance leads to broadcasting success
  16. KEJC, The Ranch promotional video
  17. KEJC, The Ranch 93.9 MHz where computers run the show
  18. KGU Honolulu radio reports the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  19. KSTN Stockton goes off the air
  20. Kiel, Richard teaches math at Ogden's Radio School
  1. KFIV, 1360 KHz
  2. KFIV Solid Gold Saturday night 1984 air check with Derek Waring
  3. KFIV Solid Gold Saturday night air check (take 2) with Derek Waring
  4. KFIV air check with Johnny Walker December 1971
  5. KFIV  former owner F. Robert "Bob" Fenton dies
  6. KFIV  moves to country music KZUN
  7. KGDM Stockton's first station
  8. KGU Honolulu radio reports attack on Pearl Harbor
  9. KHKK "The Hawk" tower topples on Black Butte
  10. KHOP FM, 104.1 MHz, Modesto
  11. KHYV, 970 AM, Modesto.
  12. KITA-FM 102.1 MHz, Modesto.
  13. KLOC, 920 KHz Ceres, CA  history
  14. KLOC-TV Channel 19 history
  15. KLOC Chester Smith photos from 1998
  16. KMPH, 840 KHz replaces KTRB in Modesto
  17. KMPH, 840 kHZ goes off the air
  18. KMIX-AM & KCEY 1390 and KMIX-FM 93.3  MHz Turlock, CA.
  19. KMOD, 1360 KHz  Modesto history
  20. KMOD receives FCC approval
  21. KOOK, 970 KHz Modesto, CA
  22. KOSO, 93.1 MHz Patterson, CA
  23. KOSO- gun toting woman forces her way into studios
  24. KOQ & KXD Modesto's first non-commercial stations
  25. KQKK, 96.7 MHz Manteca, CA
  26. KRJC/KMJC/Pirates Radio
  27. KTUR/KCEY Time Marches on
  28. KCEY - KMIX- FM new home
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  1. KTRB  Index Page  
  2. KTUR, 1390 KHz, Turlock, CA first station
  3. KVFX, The Fox, 96.7 MHz Manteca, CA
  4. KVFX, The Fox studios hit by arsonist
  5. KVFX, The Fox, 96.7 MHz Manteca, CA vandals topple tower
  6. KVFX, The Fox plays April Fools joke on listeners
  7. KWG, first station on the air in the valley.
  8. KYOS, Merced's first station in 1936
  9. KZUN Country
  10. King, Ralph reports the Echo Summit  weather to KTRB Modesto.
  11. Kiel, Richard movie star teaches math at Ogden's Radio School.
  12. Kranz, Dave and Lee Nye on air drinking experiment

-L-  ___________________________________________________________________Top
  1. LA Market May  1961 newspaper ad
  2. Labio, Radio supports protest loss of voice.
  3. Lapan, Don KTRB announcer Friendly Voice interview by Bob Lang
  4. Lang, Bob KTRB video interview in 2004.
  5. Lang, Bob KTRB The Friendly Voice documentary
  6. Lee, Kati show on The Ranch, KEJC 93.9
  7. London, Jan KTRB Country 86 DJ
  8. Lynch, Cecil  and the Magic of Super Modulation]
  9. Lynch, Cecil video interview in 2004
  10. Lynch, Cecil member Board of Directors Modesto Radio Museum
  11. Lynch, Cecil KTRB Man on the Street remotes in the 40s air check
  12. Links

-M-  __________________________________________________Top
  1. MacKenzieRepeater Cartridge Machine.
  2. Maddox Brothers and Rose history and air checks
  3. Maddox, Fred and Rose interview at KTRB Modesto in 1987
  4. Maddox, Rose Obituary
  5. Maddox, Rose musical montage and history
  6. Maddox, Rose photos taken in 1996 and 1997 in Modesto.
  7. Maddox Family Photos
  8. Magnetic Tape Modern Sound
  9. Mancini, Frank interview recording on KMOD, Modesto in 1955.
  10. Mantle, Mickey interviewed by KTRB's Tim St. Martin in 70s.
  11. Marconi , Guglielmo  The Father of Radio
  12. Martin, Lee KFIV air check of 1978
  13. May 1961 grocery store ad
  14. Memories in print
  15. Mistlen, Buick and Honda KTRB Modesto commercial
  16. Mexican Border Blasters Index Page
  17. Mexican Border Blasters History
  18. Mexican Border Blaster Stations Geographical locations
  19. Mexican Border Blaster XERF the  never published story of the first border blaster
  20. Mexican Border Blaster pioneer Dr. John Brinkley, the goat doctor.
  21. Mexican Border Blaster Wolfman Jack and the Borden Blasters
  22. Mexican Border Blaster Wolfman Jack howls across the border.
  23. Mexican Border Blaster book
  24. Mexican Border Blaster Radio  XERB 1090.
  25. Mexican Border Blasters problem addressed by US Congress in 1934
  26. Microphone Man, Gary Avey  
  27. Moore, Jerry member Board of Directors Modesto Radio Museum
  28. Modesto radio personalities in the 70s
  29. Modesto Jr. College Radio
  30. Mohr, Bob KESP, KBEE dies
  31. Musical Montages index  (ALL)
  32. Musical Montage: from the 40s and early 50s
  33. Musical Montage: from the 50s
  34. Musical Montage: from the 70's
  35. Music Montage:  from the War Years
  36. Music Montage: More musical hits from the 70's
  37. Music Montage:  Favorites of the 50s,60s & 70s Vol. 1
  38. Music Montage:  Favorites of the 50s,60s & 70s Vol. 2
  39. Music Montage:  Bop hits 50's & 60's Vol. 1 
  40. Music Montage: Country Favorites 1-2-3-4-5
  41. Museum contributions
  42. Museum demise

-N-  ________________________________________________   __________________Top
  1. Neighbor Hi,   KTRB Modesto radio program with Virgil Risley  60s.
  2. Nye, Lee and Dave Kranz on air drinking experiment
  3. Nye, Lee dies at 49
  4. Nicholson, Dick KTRB sports announcer in 50's voice clip
  5. News clippings  page 1
  6. News clippings  page 2
  7. News clippings KTRB
  8. News clippings ads

-O-  ______________________________________________________________    _   Top
  1. Obituaries List
  2. Ogden, William B.  Radio School.
  3. Ogden's Radio Operational Engineering School Page 2
  4. Ogden's Radio Operational Engineering School Page 3
  5. Ogden's photos
  6. Ogden's Radio School by Bob Lang
  7. Ogden graduate Neil Ross remembers Bill Ogden and his school
  8. Ogden's class of 64 id page
  9. Opening website front page
  10. Our First Radio
  11. Old Time Radio Moments of the Century 

-P-  _____________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Page, Wes member Board of Directors Modesto Radio Museum
  2. Pappas, Pete obituary.
  3. Pappas, Mike obituary.
  4. Pappas, Mike editorial on KTRB Modesto.
  5. Pappas, Pete and Mike photos and sound clip.
  6. Pappas, Pete editorial on Wishy Washy Man
  7. Pacific Electronics  KTRB Modesto commercial in '90s
  8. Payoloa scandle rocks '50's radio
  9. Pirate Radio Essex DJ Paul Peters
  10. Pearce, Barthol W. KTRB news commentator air check
  11. Pierce, E. Kent (KCRA Newsman) obituary
  12. Photo and Video Gallery
  13. Photo mini montage
  14. Photos, miscellaneous 
  15. Pope, Russ Prominent Radio & TV engineer dies
  16. Price, Cliff, KTRB Technician obituary. 
  17. Printed Material mostly from KTRB Modesto.
  18. Purviance, Cal dies at 90
  19. Purviance, Cal interview on KMPH Radio
  20. Purviance, Cal video interview in 2004
  21. Purviance, Cal interview at MJC in 2002
  22. Purviance, Cal and KTRB Modesto's birthday

-R-  ___________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Radioman's legacy
  2. Radio in 1941
  3. Radio Broadcasting  How it works
  4. Radio Bloopers
  5. Radio Jingles
  6. Radio logo's 1930s to 1990s
  7. Radio Shack Catalog Archive
  8. Railroad Hour national radio show air check
  9. Re-Creating Baseball Games On Radio In 1951-52
  10. Remembering the 40's & 50's music montage
  11. Roberts, Kenny radio career biography
  12. Renner, Jeremy help celebrate MJC Auditorium renovation
  13. Reeves, Del Country singer and songwriter
  14. Reagan, Ronald President congratulates KTRB on anniversary.
  15. Renovations of KTRB/KMPH
  16. Rheingold beer commercials recorded by Les Paul and Mary Ford
  17. Risley, Virgil dies in Jefferson, Oregon
  18. Risley, Virgil  Get Out Those Old Records & Hi Neighbor  KTRB radio program
  19. Riverbank Clubhouse
  20. Rockin's Ron KFIV DJ  1975-77
  21. Roots of broadcasting
  22. Roddy, Lee former KTRB Sales Manager interview 2004.
  23. Roddy, Lee Archives Page 1 through 5
  24. Roddy, Cicely former KTRB employee 2004 interview.
  25. Roosevelt, President Franklin Delano radio broadcast of the attack on Pearl Harbor
  26. Russco turntable developer Russ Friend dies at 91

-S-  ___________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Sayre, Max broadcasting pioneer video interview in 2004
  2. Sayre, Max video interview at MJC in 2002
  3. Sayre, Max broadcasting pioneer dies
  4. Serviceman's Club Greetings
  5. Silver, Smokey record collector
  6. Silver, Smokey sound clip of his show on KQKK in Manteca in 1983.
  7. Silver, Smokey (Elmer Gunkle)
  8. Silver, Smokey computers run station KEJC
  9. Silver, Smokey commercial for Lonesome Cowboy Western Store
  10. Soares, Frank dies in Los Banos
  11. Stevenson, Jack  KBEE Chief Engineer obituary
  12. Sterling, Bob  KTRB  DJ  in 60s air check
  13. Stewart, Jack Patterson dance band sound clips and biography
  14. Sturdevant, Judd,  area broadcaster passes away
  15. Smith,Chester story of his life and death
  16. Smith, Chester KTRB interview on Friendly Voice program 70s
  17. Smith, Chester- my last visit
  18. Smith,Chester photos from 1998.
  19. Smith,Chester hosts country music stars at KTRB.
  20. Smith,Chester and the history of KLOC, Ceres.
  21. Smith, Kate sings God Bless America at KTRB sign off during the Bates years.
  22. Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association history.
  23. Stations logos and print ads
  24. St. Martin, Tim  Modesto Radio Legend
  25. Stepp, Glenn Country singer and performer.
  26. Stepping Stones periodical story on Cal Purviance & KTRB.
  27. Stewart, Michael J and Rick Stewart air clip.
  28. Sunbeam Bread radio commercial from the 50's.
  29. Swanee Cowboys.
  30. Swanson, Roy   KBEE AM FM manager obituary

-T-  ___________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Tallest wooden radio tower in the world
  2. Teletype machines bring news to radio and TV.
  3. Televison's Greatest program themes 50's & 60's
  4. Texaco Star Theater national radio show air check.
  5. Thank You for your contributions to the museum
  6. The Broadcast radio console
  7. The Microphone Man index
  8. Time Marches on for KTUR/KCEY
  9. Titanic Influences Wireless Radio
  10. Tots and Teens program
  11. The Ranch, KEJC and Kati Lee Show.
  12. The Ideas that Made Radio Possible.
  13. The READOUT, newsletter of the Stanislaus Amateur Radio Assoc. May 1994.
  14. Tuolumne County Amateur Radio history.
  15. Turlock Amateur Radio Club history.
  16. Twenty Four things that are about to become extinct in America

-U-  __________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Ultimate hits of the 70's montage
  2. Unforgettable '50's musical montage

-V-  ___________________________________________________________________Top
  1. Valley Views Magazine article on the museum
  2. Vehicle wrapping advertising
  3. Velvet Ice Cream commercial from the 60s air check
  4. Videos Index
  5. Video and Photo Gallery
  6. Video 2004 Cal Purviance interview
  7. Video 2009 Cecil Lynch interview.
  8. Virg's Varieties & Hi Neighbor radio programs on KTRB air check
  9. Voice, The Friendly KTRB documentary produced by Bob Lang aired June 19,1970

W-  __________________________________________________________________  Top
  1. Waring, Derek KTRB announcer radio show air check
  2. Waring, Derek KFIV announcer radio show air check
  3. Waring, Derek KFIV Solid Gold Saturday night 1984 air check
  4. Waring, Derek KFIV Solid Gold Saturday night take 2 air check
  5. Waring, Derek KTRB  air checks
  6. Waring, Derek member Board of Directors Modesto Radio Museum
  7. Waring, Derek Path to Radio
  8. Weston, Rev Donald G.  KTRB air check.
  9. West, J.S. Furniture KTRB commercial with Maurice Horgan
  10. West, Jim, Museum VP dies at 81
  11. Weather reports from the ham radio operators
  12. Williams, Mel, Jazz Musician
  13. Wolfman Jack and the Border Blasters
  14. Wolfman Jack dies July 1, 1995. Obituary
  15. Wolfman howls across the USA/Mexican border on the Border Blasters
  16. Wolfman Jack howling for Rock 'n' Roll in Modesto
  17. Wolfman Jack and XERF the never published story

-X-Y-Z-  ________________________________________________________________Top
  1. XERF the never published story of the first Border Blaster
  2. XERB Radio North America 1090 border blaster photos and air check
  3. Zorch, periodical images.