KFIV's Lee Martin
Air Check Dec. 1978
An aircheck from Spring of 1978 with Lee Martin during the evening shift at KFIV. Some of the jingles are intact and here’s a brief portion of a spot from Ron Posey…”Mr. Entertainer.”  Lee took a break from radio for a few decades, but is back in it again…now in Los Angeles doing news “fill-in” work for Clear Channel (the current owner of KFIV). Among others, Lee worked with  Rick Myers, “Radio Rick” , who is still  at KFIV after 40-plus years!  Must be some kind of record! He also worked with Tim St. Martin.

Lee  radio career spans four decades and the entire state of California. He’s covered national stories for CBS and NBC radio, and local news from Eureka to San Diego. His career includes stints as a DJ, program director, news director and anchor at radio stations across the state. Lee is also a web developer, photographer and licensed Realtor.  Lee is on the air at Total Traffic Los Angeles where he is known as Lee Barry. 

Lee Martin today.