RCA 77D Uni-Directional Pattern
RCA 77D  Omin-Directional
RCA 77D Bi-Directional
Model 77D Microphone
   The RCA model 77-D (MI-4045-E) microphone was introduced in 1945, and remained in the catalog for about 10 years until it was replaced by the 77-DX.  It was one of the standards of the broadcast and recording industries, and is still widely regarded for its quality.  It is a heavy and substantial unit, measuring about 12 inches in height. A beautiful and classic design, its form is firmly rooted in the Art Deco Streamline style of the 1930's.  The RCA 77 series microphones have become powerful and universally recognized symbols of broadcasting, and still appear on CNN's "Larry King Live" and CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman".
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