Mike J. Pappas
Valley Broadcast Magnate Mike Pappas Dies
February 1, 1990

Mike Pappas, part of the San Joaquin Valley broadcasting family,  passed away in Fresno on January 31, 1990 at the age of 52.

Mr. Pappas and his twin, Pete, were the eldest sons of Greek immigrants who were born in Price, Utah before moving to the Modesto area in the early 1950s.  At age 15, Mike and Pete became disc jockeys on KBOX in Modesto and became known as "Pete and Mike's Dance Time."  The two brothers then started in the broadcast business with a third brother, Harry,  joining them later in what was to become a multi-million dollar empire.

In 1964, the Pappas brothers formed Pappas Electronics, Inc. and acquired KGEN radio, a financially insolvent station in Tulare.  It eventually turned out to be a financial gold-mine and the Pappas' then bought KBOS-FM, also in Tulare.

Pappas Television Inc. was created in 1971 with the building of KMPH-TV in the Fresno-Visalia market.  The station was later affiliated with the Fox Television Network.  Mike Pappas was later a co-owner and president of Big Valley Broadcasting, which owned radio stations KTRB and KHOP in Modesto.  He described himself as a "dream-builder" who transformed financially-troubled stations into a broadcasting empire.

Pappas's twin brother Pete, died of a heart attack on August 15, 1986 while visiting in Price, Utah. 

Mike Pappas
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