Museum Building Plans Dropped

October 28, 2008

After 4 years of effort and hundreds of donations, the plan to build a physical radio museum at the original studios of KTRB in Modesto have been regrettably dropped effective this date. 

In 2004 the original idea for the museum came from Harry Pappas, owner of the original KTRB property on Norwegian Ave in Modesto.  He contacted  Wes Page, Cecil Lynch and Cal Purviance with the idea and offered to house the museum in the original KTRB studios building on Norwegian Ave in Modesto.   Mr. Pappas planned  to renovate the building, which had fallen in to disrepair,  to house the museum and his radio station KMPH which replaced KTRB when it moved to San Francisco.  

Unfortunately,  the renovation was never completed and the economy decline led to Mr. Pappas being forced into bankruptcy with repercussions throughout his company,  including the KTRB property on Norwegian.  This led to the ultimate demise of the physical museum plans and the listing of the property "for sale".    

We will continue our website which we established in 2004.  Over the past 4 years it has grown in size and content with more information added monthly.  

The Board of Directors wishes to thank all concerned who supported our efforts on Norwegian Ave. and invite your continued support of our website.


Modesto Radio Museum Foundation

Officers:  Cal Purviance, President.  1st Vice President, John Chappell.  2nd Vice President, Bob Pinheiro.  Secretary, Derek Waring.  Treasurer, Mel Freedman. Board of Directors:  Frank Azevedo, Herb Henry, Cecil Lynch, Jerry Moore, Wes Page, Mike Angelos, George Stevans, Derek Waring, Jim West, Dennis Larson and Bob Neira.