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Name: Dale Nelson
From: Utah
E-mail: dsnelson@readytek.net
Posted 10-15-2018

I was in the January 1969 class at ROES.  After passing the second phone test I spent the next 2 weeks heavy into math in order to pass the 1st phone.  One day I was the only one in the building during lunch as I was at my desk going over the math.  When I heard a strange air plane sound then the noise of lumber hitting the ground. I rushed out the back of the building to see a single engine plane that had crashed into the fence, sending the lumber from the fence all over the parking lot. 

The wings of the plane were smashed into the fence posts on each side of the plane.  I raised upstairs to my locker for my camera.  When I got back the crew of the airport were pulling the plane out of the fence. As I stood there a few of the students came back from lunch and walked out thru the hole in the fence to see the plane.

20 minutes later Bill came driving into the parking lot and jumped out of his car with a smile on his face. The pilot of the plane his wife and 2 kids were not hurt. Later we learned that the pilot was a one time student at ROES.  Some time later Meadowlark airport closed.