-  In November of 1963 a young unemployed student named Neil Ross walked out of the William B. Ogden radio school in Burbank, CA  after a grueling 6 weeks of studies to earn his FCC First Class Radio Telephone license and dreaming of being one of the best dj's in the business.   Tiring of radio broadcasting he became interested in voice-over work in 1978 when he moved to Los Angeles.   He worked his way to the top of the profession and today is acknowledged as one of the best.  Neil has published a book entitled "Vocal Recall" in which he tells his story.  He dedicated Chapter 15 in the book to his memories of his  time at Ogden's Radio School and kindly accepted our invitation to create an audio track of the chapter.     When you listen to the audio clip and hear Neil's voice you will quickly see why he is one of the best.  Thanks Neil for sharing this with us.

Ogden Grad Makes It To The Top 
Warning:   Strong Language

An audio version of the entire book is available for $9.99.  Available at  Neilbook.com