Name: Jeff Porter (Bill's Nephew)
From: Thousand Oaks (Currently Olympia, WA)

October 13, 2012


I am Bill Ogdens Great Nephew. I was stunned to see an entire page dedicated to his radio school and got kind of emotional seeing all the lives that he affected. I don't know what made me look up his name on the internet today but I am glad that I did. Bill and Tally are deceased but his family lives on. I believe that he passed in 1998 but I will get more family to confirm when I share this page with them. Actually Tally's sister Patricia Stevenson is the only extended sibling of that era still around at 100 years old! My mother, Patricia Porter is Bill, Tally and Thora's niece. I have very fond memories of Bill, Tally and Thora.

We always loved visiting their house in Huntington Beach California. I knew a different 'Uncle' Bill than everyone else as I was just a kid in high school when he passed. In retirement Bill did a lot of woodworking and gardening. I remember staying up late with him watching Johnny Carson when we stayed at his house, always visiting at Christmas time and always having wonderful meals at their house. They were always a pleasure to be around and I wish that they all could still be here. I would love to hear more stories about the Ogden's during their time at the radio school if you have more stories. Again, I will pass this page along to my sisters, mother and family to read and share their own thoughts. My mother is great with dates and can confirm more details about their lives. Thank you again. I look forward to reading all of the comments.

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Name: Patty Porter
From: Washington State now, previously from Calif.
October 14, 2012
My name is Patty Porter, William B. Ogden was my uncle, as Tally and Thora were my aunts. Some would remember me as Patty Ann, which my aunts and uncle preferred to call me. This wonderful site was found by my son Jeff Porter, and what a treasure it is. I have enjoyed reading all the comments, as my Uncle Bill was very special to me. I started working at R.O.E.S while in High School in the 60's. I continued after graduation and got married and moved to Huntington Beach with my husband when they opened up the school down there. My husband Alan was the first janitor for the dorms and classrooms, while he attended college. We both worked there until 1967, when we made a move to Reseda. Some may remember my mother, Pat Stevenson, Tally and Thora's older sister who is now 100 and lives with us. My mom did the memo-graphing in the back office on a as needed basis.

Uncle Bill was like a second father to me, as was Tally (Attalia) and Thora (Torree) second mom's. Uncle Bill taught me to ice skate and bowl. Most of you may remember all the bowling teams he was on.

After retirement Tally convinced Uncle Bill to take 1 cruise, and after that they both loved it so much they managed to take 22 cruises in all. We always remained a close family and saw them often, as did my children.

I accomplished my 3rd class license while working in the office. I always wondered who came up with the color scheme of purple and yellow. As a young lady I sure did not think those colors went well together. I was often the person at the doorway taking the coffee count while Uncle Bill said...."Coffee's get them high". Of course there was always someone who forgot to raise their hand and had to come to the kitchen to ask for a cup. Thora and Tally always accommodated them with a smile.

Uncle Bill did pass away January 24th 1998, and Tally March 5, 2006, I was there holding her hand as she passed. I believe it was 1987 that Thora passed, I'm sure I can find that date. Thora's son Jim McDonald is still living in the Huntington Beach area, I am sure many of you remember him. I will pass this site on to him.

My life is filled with wonderful stories from these great people who impacted my life to this day. Thanks to those who appreciated him so much, he would be honored.

Patty Porter

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