This is a graduation photo of one of the two Ogden classes I attended. I was a glutton for punishment, I guess. Well, I was just out of the Navy, had a wife and a baby to feed, and needed to get work ASAP.

Back row (l-r) Fred Anzalone, Clarence Isham, Mike Jenkins, Me (Hal Swift), Bob Merl, John Scovern, and John Casey.

Front row (l-r) John Spagnola, Jimmy Ogden (Bill's nephew), Bill, Bob Wagner, and Jack Englehard. As usual, Major is protecting Bill.

I don't know all that much about my classmates following our leaving LA. However, Fred Anzalone obtained cult fame of a sort by becoming the "Woo Woo" effects man for Elvira, the sexy hostess of late night TV movies. Bob Merl, last I heard in the 1960s, was at the Gene Autry radio station in San Francisco.
This is the "other class" in which I (Hal Swift)  was enrolled.  I don't have names, except the hand-written ones you may, or may not, be able to decipher.  That's me, 3rd from the right, top row.  Thora, Bill and Tally are in the front row, middle.  And Major is in front of Bill.  Major was used to flashbulbs by now, but he knew what was coming and still was a bit edgy while waiting for the flash.
Various Christmas cards received over the years.  I notice that one of the Christmas cards bears a return address of at 1320 Olive Avenue, Burbank.

Does anybody know anything about this address?   According to Google,  today this is a residential area of Burbank.  Could this be Bill's home address at the time?
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Photos and text courtesy of  graduate Hal Swift.
William B. Ogden's Radio School
ROES Huntington Beach, CA