William Bernard Ogden  taken in 1969. 
(Courtesy of Rick Myres, Modesto, CA.)
Back of the former Huntington Beach School at 5075 Warner Ave. as it looked in 2006.
The front of the school 5075 Warner Ave in Huntington Beach before Ogden's sold it in 1973 or '74. 
This is what the Burbank school building  looks like today at 1150 W. Olive.  Ogden's moved from this building to Huntington Beach in the late 60's.  The original building was remodeled in 1958 to what you see in this photo.  
(L) Ogden's graduate Tom Irwin working hard to pass his First Phone test in 1969.  (R)  Successful as "Shotgun Tom" Kelly, today Tom is an on-the-air personality with K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles.  Ogden's famous "Gold Pencil" was given to students the night before going to take the test at the FCC office in Los Angeles, but only  if Bill was sure you were ready to pass the test.   The only time Tom used the pencil was on the FCC test after which he framed it and displays it in his office.  It's been said that you could hear Bill Ogden's voice yelling the correct answers to you if you put the eraser to your ear. We don't know if that's true, but to his students it sure felt like it.
(Thanks to Tom Irwin and Bob Lang for the photos on this page)
Courtesy of Denny Blair of Colville, WA.  Denny is the second from the left in the middle row.
Today the building has been remodeled and houses commercial businesses.
(Courtesy of Teri De Leo, Albany, Oregon.)
William B. Ogden Radio School Photos
Thora, Bill, Tally

Class of January 1958
( Courtesy of Paul Widlund, Traverse City, MI)
Class of September 1964 in Burbank.  Courtesy of David Hunter, West Jordan, Utah.

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May, 2013

"Radio personality and Ogden's Radio School graduate  "Shotgun Tom" Kelly is to be honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The K-Earth101 FM show host was among honoree's for 2013. Kelly says he is both honored and humbled to join such luminaries as filmís Javier Bardem, Ron Howard and Helen Mirren, TVís Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch and Matthew Perry and singers Jennifer Hudson, Janis Joplin and Usher, who also will get stars. A graduate of Mount Miguel High School and former S.D. radio DJ, Kelly still calls El Cajon home and commutes to Los Angeles weekly. The unveiling of his star will be next year (2014)."   


Shotgun Tom" Kelly named 2013 recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Radio Operational Engineering School July 1967
Back row left in 4th (In front of window) white shirt Dick McGarvin. to his left is Chuck Springer (KGA).  Back row, continues: second in from right is Lyle Dean WGN fame. To Dean's right (dark complexion guy) is Forrest Kyle KPMC.

2nd row: second In from left Is Don Pitts KGO. Second row, second In from right Is Clark Stuart (white shirt)

Front row: short sleeve plaid shirt kneeling Keith Farr.

June 1968
Courtesy of Wes Page
(Courtesy of Alfredo Santos, Falls River , MA )
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