Those of us who were fortunate to attend the Ogden Radio school in Southern California  have fond memories that have remained with us through the years.  One in particular stands out as the best, “The Pimple” put-down. Our thanks to Tom Irwin, class of 1969, who was more than happy to reenact Ogden's sarcastic “put down”  delivered tongue-in-cheek while chain smoking Salem cigarettes and soothing his mouth with Parke-Davis throat  lozenges. In the early 70’s Tom  was the voice for the Rockin’ 136, KFIV jingle intros including things like “Come alive with K-5 and others.   He also attended Ogden’s Radio School in Huntington Beach, CA. in 1969 where many lifetime friends were made, including several from the Modesto area.  

Tom Irwin went on to be a famous Los Angles DJ and received a prestigious plague on the  Hollywood Walk of  Fame in 2013. He  is a  two-time Emmy award winner, Billboard Air Personality of the Year winner and recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His radio name....."Shot Gun"  Kelly.  Our museum President John Chappell (class of '69)  bumped into Tom  at an electronic convention in Las Vegas in 2018  and asked him to reenact the put-down.  It is sure to bring back some fond memories of Bill and R.O.E.S.

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Voltage Goes Nowhere  &  It's a Pimple
Greetings from DJ "Shot Gun" Kelly
"Shot Gun Tom"  Kelly,  legendary So. California DJ
William B. Ogden  R.O.E.S

"ShotGun Tom" Kelly joins SiriusXm Satellite Radio Network

After 20 years as one of Southern California top DJ's, "ShotGun Tom Kelly ", 69,  has signed on with the nationwide SiriusXm  satellite broadcasting network and is now heard throughout the country and Canada.  His long-awaited debut on SiriusXM’s “Sixties on Six” channel occurred  on September 1st 2018. Kelly, longtime San Diego and Los Angeles DJ,  can be heard in his familiar afternoon shift on the West Coast, where his “Sixties on Six” program will air from 4-8pm.  He does his shows from facilities setup in his San Diego home and fed by satellite to SiriusXm headquarters in New York.  

A radio mainstay in Southern California for more than 45 years, Kelly was most recently heard on classic hits “K-Earth” KTRH Los Angeles (101.1), prior to relinquishing the shift in 2015. “You know, when I got hired at K-Earth, I thought that would be the last radio station I would ever work at,” Kelly told the Los Angeles Daily News. “I mean – how do you get better than that? But that was 20 years ago when there was no satellite radio. Now, I will be heard throughout the United States and Canada. I cannot even begin to explain how exciting this is to me.”

The broadcast veteran is a two-time Emmy award winner, Billboard Air Personality of the Year and recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is known for his signature phrase, “You better believe it baby!”, Kelly made a name for himself in the 1970s and ‘80s in San Diego, most notably at top 40 KCBQ.  He was honor with a Star on  the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013.   Kelly has many friends in Modesto and visits when he can get away.   He is also a proud graduate of  the William B. Ogden Radio Engineering School in Huntington Beach, CA in 1969.

Tom Kelly  in 1969 studying at the Ogden Radio School in Huntington Beach, CA.
Shotgun's Siriusxm studio's in his San Diego home.