Max Sayre & Cal Purviance Broadcasting Pioneers

Maxon B. Sayre, taught radio broadcasting at the Modesto Junior College speech department for 15 years.   He was the chief technician at  KTRB in the late 40s leaving to build Turlock's first radio station KTUR in 1949.  He served as Chief Engineer of the station for many years.  He died May 30, 2004 at his Waterford home. He was 85. 
Cal Purviance worked at KTRB from 1951 to 1982,  for several years as the Program Director.  Cal is retired and lives in Modesto with his wife Betty and is President of the Modesto Radio Museum Boarad of Directors.    This video tape was made in 2002 at Modesto Junior College,  video taped and edited by Wes Page for the Modesto Radio Museum.