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Radio Veronica   

(This article is about a historical Dutch radio station, not the current oldies station with the same name.)

Radio Veronica was an offshore radio station that began broadcasting in 1960, and has the distinction of having broadcast from offshore for the longest continuous period more than fourteen years. Radio Caroline broadcast offshore over a longer period more than twenty-six and a half years but this included non-consecutive periods totalling around eight and a half years off the air.)

Radio Veronica broadcasts began on April 21,1960,  was set up by independent radio, TV and household electrical retailers in the Netherlands. They hoped to stimulate the sales of radio receivers in the country by broadcasting more popular programs than the established and state-licensed stations.

The original Radio Veronica became the most popular station in the Netherlands, broadcasting from a former lightship Borkum Riff anchored off the Dutch coastline. The ship was fitted with a horizontal antenna between the fore and aft masts, fed by a one-kilowatt transmitter. The majority of programs were recorded in a studio in Hilversum. At the end of the 1960s the studios and offices moved to bigger premises on the Utrechseweg in Hilversum, Netherlands.

For a short time the station also ran an English-language service under the call letters CNBC (Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company.)

The station faced its first serious competition in 1964 when Radio Noordzee and TV Noordzee began broadcasting from the REM Island, an artificial structure. The Dutch government passed a law banning broadcasts from such structures and raided the REM Island, but left Veronica alone because of its popularity.

In August 1964 the station acquired a new ship, a converted fishing trawler named MV Norderney, and equipped it with a more efficient antenna and a 10-kilowatt transmitter, as well as an anchor designed to keep it correctly oriented. The Norderney took over Veronica's broadcasts in November that year and the Borkum Riff was sold for scrap.

Radio Veronica broadcast a top 40 format during the daytime, but in the evenings and late at night some specialist shows were aired. Especially following its move to 538 meters Veronica became famous for its superbly crafted jingles and commercials. News summaries were broadcast each hour, at 2 minutes to the hour.

The  Dutch government passed anti-pirate legislation in 1974 and announced that the law was to come into effect on September 1, 1974. Veronica chose to close down at 6 PM on August 31.   (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Radio Veronica Jingle - Come Lets Sail Away With Veronica Today
Radio Veronica Jingle - Radio Veronica Makes Good Music on 192
Radio Veronica Jingle - Singing Raaaddio Veronica.
Radio Veronica Jingle - Sound Of The Nation -This Is Veronica.
( Jingles courtesy of Paul Peters, England.)
Rolling stones - Kicks on 266 (Radio London)
Radio Veronica - Last 30 seconds before going silent (Dutch)
Radio Normandy Sign-Off - Roy Plumbleigh (1930s)
BBC Station at Washford Cross.
2MT (Writtle) Transmitter