Modesto Radio Museum Foundation Inc.
Officers and Board of Directors as of January 1,  2018

John Chappell
Bob Pinheiro
Board of Directors
Wes Page
1st VP
Jerry Moore

George Stevans
Board of Directors
Derek Waring
Board of Directors
Officers: John Chappell, President.  1st Vice President, Jim West.  Second VP Wes Page.  Secretary, Jerry Moore.  Treasurer, Frank Azevedo. Board of Directors:  Bob Pinheiro,  Derek Waring, George Stevans, Bob DeLeon, Steve White,Bob Neira.
Frank Azevedo

Jim West
Vice President
1-22-1935 - 3-13-2016
Bob Neira
Board of Directors
Bob DeLeon
Board of Directors
Cecil Lynch
6-24-1911 - 9-5-2013

Dennis Larson
Board of Directors
Honorary President
Cal Purviance
2004 -2011
Steve White
2nd VP

Mel Freedman
Board of Directors
1925-  1-1-2017
In Memory of those members who have gone before us.
Modesto Radio Museum annual dinner held at Familia Bistro in Modesto on January 17, 2018.Left-R front row George Stevans, Derek Waring, Bob Pinheiro,  Bob de León.  Back row L-R John Chappell, Wes Page, Frank Azevedo, Jerry Moore, Steve White.