Front row L-R  Bob Pinheiro (Bob Sterling,Joel Shorr, , Shot Gun Kelly-John Chappell, Bob DeLeon Gregg Edwards. Back row L-R  Bob Neutzling, Rick Myers , Derek Waring, Kenny Tinkle (Kenny Roberts).

Going around  the  table from l-r:  John Chappell , Bob Neutzling,  Shot Gun Kelly, Bob Lang, Derek Warng, Kenny Roberts,Bob DeLeon, Bob Pinheiro, Gregg Edwards and Joel Shorr
Southern California DJ “Shotgun Tom”  Kelly
Makes Friends in Modesto 6-27-2018
By Bob Pinheiro 

For more than 20 years one of Southern California's most popular disc jockey's, “Shotgun Tom” Kelly, dominated the airways with his personal  energetic on-the-air DJ style.    He retired from Los Angeles's top rated KRTH after 20 years on the air and signed on with Sirius XM Satellite Radio's '60's On 6 channel, a move that has given him more time to kick back and enjoy life,  meet new friends and catch up with some old ones. One of those friends is Hughson, CA resident is Bob Knutzling a retired DJ and  broadcaster on KFIV and KBEE who invited Kelly for a visit.    Neutzling and Irwin's friendship goes back to 1969 when  they first met at the William B. Ogden  Radio School (R.O.E.S) in Huntington Beach where they were studying for the infamous first class FCC Radio Telephone license.  After graduating the students spread out across  the country  looking for work in broadcasting, in particular, as DJs.

Irwin started out in the San Diego market eventually cracking the prestigious Los Angeles radio market where he became one of the most successful and well known DJs in Southern California. He left KRTH in November of 2015 after more than 20 years on- the- air.

Many of his fellow Ogden students live in Modesto and the area and met Tom at the Coaches Corner restaurant where a good time was had by all.   Kelly was honored with a plague on the Hollywood walk fame in 2013.   Thanks to Bob Neutzling for inviting Kelly and Derek Waring for making last minute arrangements.    Not bad for a guy who had trouble with his times table and had to retake the 2nd class test twice before passing.

Derek Waring and ShotGun                                                                                                ShotGun and Bob Pinheiro  (webpage editor)

                                              Bob DeLeon                                                                                                ShotGun and Rick Myers