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1987 Summer taken outside of the office of Stepp Mobile Homes in Tahlequah, OKLA
December 1988 Glenn's first great-grandchild Nicole. L to R is Glenn's son Rick and his wife Janet,  Glenn's grand-daughter Bridget Stepp and her newborn daughter Nicole Atkison and Glenn.
Glenn and his wife Dorine in summer of 1987.
1987 Summer - Overlooking one of his gorgeous properties in Tahlequah, OKLA.

Taken 1991 at the Western Swing Hall of Fame ceremonies.   Cal Worthington & Glenn.

Glenn in the summer of 1987.
Glenn and his grandchildren.  L-R. Rick Stepp, Stefanie Stepp and Bridget Stepp. Taken in the summer of 1987.
1991 Western Swing Hall of Fame - L to R  Janet Stepp,  Stefanie Stepp, Bridget Stepp holding daughter Nicole Atkison, Rick Stepp, & Glenn Stepp.
(Photos and information courtesy of Glenn's grand-daughter Bridget Stepp)

Glenn Stepp Family Photos