During the years 1936-1938 my life was all Tom Mix, Buck Jones, Gene Autry, Tim McCoy and any other western cowboy stars of movies and stage. To have a radio station in your own town was a real treat. I can remember Bill Bates advertising Rainbow doughnuts for 5 cents each and coffee at 5 cents a cup to dunk them into. A trip to the doughnut shop was a real treat as a movie cost 10 cents and sometimes only a nickel was available. The depression was still taking its toll.

At 6 a.m. each morning I was up with my hobby horse and with my cowboy outfit on and ready to ride around the dining room table. That cowboy outfit including boots was bought up on 10th Street from the old Coey Shoe Store. My dad got a lecture for blowing $8.95 on such nonsense when money was so tight.

Oh, how many bumps I received from cutting too close to the table comers. However, the bumps were well worth hearing the refrains of KTRB's Swanee Cowboys direct from the radio station. The refrains of "Little Girl Dressed in Blue;" 'Home on the Range," "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" and many others.

What a thrill when my mother, Sara Woodbridge, sent to KTRB for a photo of the Swanee Cowboys. I remember it cost her 20 cents. 

Remembering The Swanee Cowboys
By Lyndell Woodbridge
Modesto, CA

The Swanee Cowboys from left to right (top row):  Sidney London (Si) , Stanley Dennis (Skeeter),  Announcer Erroll Peck. (Bottom Row):  Roy Sanderson (Hungry) and Eldon Barrick (Slats) . The Swanee Cowboys were the first prominent live KTRB program from 1934-1936. 

This photo of the Swanee Cowboys received from Diana, the daughter of one of the band members. We believe her Dad's stage name was "Skeeter." (His real name was Stanley Dennis.)  Her uncle was known as "Hungry." We believe this photo was taken at the original KTRB studios on McHenry Ave. in Modesto in 1934.  (Courtesy of the family.)

2-14-2017  Courtesy of Steve Hathaway  of Modesto, (www.westernswing.com) we received the following information identifying the members shown in this photo of the Swanee Cowboys in the KTRB studio on McHenry Ave. in 1934.

Left to right: Roy Sanderson (Hungry), Eldon Barrick (Slats), Cliff Wheeler (Jake), Stanley Dennis (Skeeter), and Sidney London (Si).

The photo was taken by Art Craft Studio, 906 Eleventh Street, Modesto, California

Swanee Cowboys photo postcard  dated Nov 2,1934. Note the 1 cent postage stamp. (Courtesy of Gerry Howard)